Oct 21, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Haqqani :Taliban within rift No Tribal and Borders for Minister Taliban -- IRNA 21, Oct Islamabad, Haqqani Jalaluddin Maulana leader, Jihadi Afghan veteran a and Affairs the on anybody with views exchanged has he that reports rejected has .Afghanistan in government broad-based or caretaker any of formation Sami-ul-Haq Maulana Islam, Jamiat-e-Ulama of Chairman to Talking commander Pakistan, of northwest in Khattak Akora in residence his at the within rift claim which baseless, as reports the described also .release press a says Taliban, ruling the of files and ranks in landed who commandos, American 25 least at that said He were Taliban, against attack ground in part take to yesterday Kandahar airlifted Americans that added He .wounded others several and killed that show Americans the of Killings" .colleagues their of bodies dead ".dark is future their several over lasted Sami-ul-Haq Maulana with meeting Haqqani's Maulana apprised leaders Taliban senior other some and Haqqani .hours .Afghanistan on attacks US by created situation the of Sami-ul-Haq stables, more are Taliban that Sami-ul-Haq told Haqqani Maulana the of forces imperialist the against war their of that than confident the confront to capable are they that say to on went He .Union Soviet .Russia of case the in did they than way better in Americans attacks dreaded in humiliation experiencing after that claimed He change to out now is States United the Taliban, frighten to bid a in .campaign propaganda vicious through triumph into defeat its of Emirate Islamic the of official responsible a Being" said, He has media Western the that reports these all reject I Afghanistan is There .days few last the during role his against spreading started we and Afghans the of file and ranks the in harmony and unity complete mountains lofty under States United the of designs bury to set all are .said he ,"country our of peace all to grateful are We .spirit high in are We" added, He unturned stone no left who brethren Pakistani including people loving the with cooperation of kind all provide to themselves sparing in from staged being are that demonstrations The .Afghans oppressed the towards have people that love of reflective are West to East .remarked he "Taliban, TK/MMZ/AH End