Oct 21, 2001, 12:01 AM
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areas affected flood Iran's of rehabilitation for initiative .N.U in days intensive five spent experts .N.U Six -- IRNA 21, Oct Tehran, for plan rehabilitation and recovery a formulate to province Golestan on floods flash severe by affected seriously were that areas the .Sunday on said (UNIC) Center Information .N.U the 10, August .N.U the floods, the after days few a province the to visit a In Brown, Malloch Mark Administrator, (UNDP) Program Development post-flood a in Government the assist to Nations United the committed .recovery natural agriculture, in experts included mission the UNDP, by Led .participation community and hydrology, management, resources the of causes root the of analysis an undertook mission The actions specific the and region Caspian the in floods frequent .areas affected the rehabilitating in required future reduce would that way a in pursued be should Rehabilitation technical identified also mission The .drought and floods to risks practical as well as reclamation, effective for necessary studies livestock and water rehabilitation, rangeland and forest in measures .participation community and management the to recommendations and plan the present will mission The Upon .action further for Iran of Republic Islamic the of Government stated mission the of leader Mister, Robert Tehran, to arrival his .area the in active expertise wide the by impressed deeply was he that and good very is level provincial the at done work The" said, He and holistic more a However, .response rapid a made have they the support will .N.U the and required, is approach integrated village by involvement Greater .regard this in government provincial to required is trees forest planting as such activities in communities ".drought and flood of problems the address were provinces Semnan and Khorassan Golestan, in floods flash The the suffered province Golestan and years, 200 past the in worst the 10,000 which of people, 271,800 affected floods the Overall, .most .homeless left were .damaged heavily were networks road many and buildings 4,000 Some were rangeland and forest of 10,000 and farmland of hectares 15,000 estimated are alone province Golestan for losses Financial .destroyed .million 6.61 dlrs or Rials, billion 491 at mobilized has team country .N.U the disaster, the to response In and donors bilateral from assistance in-kind and cash in 370,000 dlrs .said it agencies, international SS/AH End