Oct 21, 2001, 12:01 AM
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birth al-Abbas Abulfazl ,(AS) Hossein Imam on Felicitations anniversaries of 4th and 3rd of occasion auspicious the On -- IRNA 21, Oct Tehran, Hossein Imam of anniversaries birth the Shaban, of month lunar the and household infallible (SA) Mohammad Prophet of Imam third the ,(AS) News Republic Islamic the respectively, al-Abbas Abulfazl Hazrat the throughout Muslims all to felicitations extends (IRNA) Agency .Iranians the especially world, especially was He .household the of member young the was Al-Abbas highest the had also latter the and (AS) Hossein Imam to attached .junior his years twenty over was who brother loving his for affection earned soon Abbas that fraternity of bonds those were firm So grandson the ,(AS) Hossein Imam of lieutenant royal the as reputation Hossein's Imam of standard-bearer the was He .Prophet Holy the of Prophet's the of side the leave never would He .followers faithful .grandson celebrated is year, this 20 Oct on fell which Shaban, of 3rd The 4th the while Day (IRGC) Corps Guards Revolution Islamic as Iran in .Disabled War the of Day the as marked is (today) Shaban of SS/AH End