Oct 21, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Official :relief debt Pakistan's for plan on working S.U Business Economic, for Secretary Under S.U -- IRNA 21, Oct Islamabad, in is Washington that assured has Larson Alan Affairs Agriculture and program a tailor to creditors other and Pakistan with consultations debt its and opportunities interest, needs, its fits that Pakistan for .profile for meant modalities on working is country his that added He bid a in it to relief debt lasting and immediate meaningful, providing investment and trade for foundation lay and opportunities maximize to .relationship Finance Pakistan with conference press joint a addressing was He .Sunday here talks their after Aziz Shaukat Minister the on debts Pakistan's of waiving about answer direct Avoiding under .S.U the war, Gulf Persian of time the at Egypt, of pattern other and Pakistan with consultations in is Washington said secretary needs, its fits that Pakistan for program a tailor to creditors .profile debt its and opportunities interest, the about flexible be to trying is States United the said He a has and lasting immediate, is relief the that so modalities .debt Pakistan's to approach sustainable President of direction the on Pakistan to come has he said Larson .Pakistan with arrangements cooperative long-term developing for Bush of people the and government the felicitate to wanted They jobs and benefits produces that economy growing a become to Pakistan in foundation the laying about talking are they said He .people its to .basis term long on investment and trade how on minister finance Pakistani with discussed he that said He the support to measures of package sustainable a together put to Pakistan that support the Pakistan, of program reform economic strong bilateral other institutions, financial international from get can as well as package relief debt States, United the including donors .investment private promote to and access market .S.U the weeks few last the during that out pointed Larson and Pakistan with relations economic normal for moved has government to donors other encourage to as well as assistance economic bilateral actively is States United The .Pakistan to assistance economic extend .IMF the with agreement new a for negotiations Pakistan's supporting Asian the and Bank World the with relations good has Islamabad to access increase for supporting is Washington and Bank Development .institutions these of resources international mobilize to want they said secretary under .S.U The IMF new once Pakistan to treatment generous a behind community .concluded been has agreement and stabilize to Pakistan with work to are priorities his said He .S.U The .States United the with relations trade Pakistan's enhance Pakistani of access increase to measures new at looking is government is States United the step, immediate an As .markets .S.U in products (GSP) products of System General under benefits the of some restoring certain for benefits GSP new extend to Congress with working was and .products other on quotas remove to committed is States United the said He Congress with working are they addition, In .products related textile .exports major Pakistan's stimulate to ways consider to newsmen told Aziz Shaukat Minister Finance Pakistan Meanwhile fiscal for donors with discussions bilateral having is Pakistan access market relief, debt aid, of enhancement and revival support, .institutions financial international the with support and .S.U the with today discussions substantive had he that said He was them among point major a and issues of host a on secretary under is Pakistan of profile debt said He .Pakistan for relief debt the .budget the on burden fiscal puts which heavy quite human pursue to money the use to space fiscal a needed Pakistan" planning population and education health, like projects development .added he "program, alleviation poverty accelerate and more undertake to Pakistan enable would relief debt the said He agriculture for reservoirs water particularly projects infrastructure .sector pace the increase and jobs more create to is purpose the said He said He .man common the of life the improve to order in development of to Bank Exim American with discussions initiated has government the .fleet (PIA) Airline International Pakistan revive be would contemplating is Pakistan that relief debt the said Aziz of meeting the Club, Paris of auspices the under be will it that such .December in expected is which donors with consensus a create to try would meeting this said He create to approach common a with up come to creditors bilateral and .Pakistan for space fiscal IMF the with negotiation of midst the in is government the said He will it that hoped and Club Paris to move will it that after and .year the of end the before items major the both complete preliminary said minister finance the question, a to reply In in situation present the of result a as that are estimates one between be will economy Pakistan's to losses the Afghanistan, this of duration the on depending dollars billion 5.2 to billion .crisis TK/MMZ/AH End