Oct 21, 2001, 12:01 AM
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phone on crisis Afghan terrorism, discuss Annan Khatami, UN the and Khatami Mohammad President Iran's -- IRNA 21, Oct Tehran, crisis ongoing the discussed Sunday on Annan Kofi General Secretary a of establishment the for called and phone over Afghanistan in .country war-torn the in government broad-bases groups and parties all of participation the for called Khatami an of establishment the saying government, Afghan future the in .country the in crises further to lead would government imposed in established be should government permanent and broad-based A" Khatami "elections, holding and planning UN the under Afghanistan .added Afghanistan in war the over regret expressed president Iranian The the saying people, Afghan innocent of lives the to threat the and from crisis the prevent to efforts more exert should Nations United .aggravation further an for asked and forms its all in terrorism condemned Khatami leadership the under phenomenon the against campaign international .Nations United the of fundamental and all-out an for venue suitable most the is UN The" .said he "terrorism, against fight the in terror and wars of escalation an deplored president The United the by declared as civilizations among dialogue of year .initiative his under Nations dialogue civilizational the of role the reiterated also Khatami just a of establishment the to precursor a and issue serious a" as ".peace lasting and Iran between cooperation better for called part, his on Annan, the for charter, group 6+2 the of framework the within UN, the and .Afghanistan in government coalition a of establishment financial and budget" in shortcomings existing the to pointed He for calling country, war-torn the in operations relief for "means to countries, Islamic especially world, the of aid humanitarian more .people Afghan the its and camps refugee establishing for Iran thanked chief UN The .Afghanistan to supplies relief world's of dispatch the in assistance attacks, terror the condemn to swift was Republic Islamic The saying Afghanistan, on strikes -led.S.U the denounced also has but .civilians targeted also they against campaign international an for called has instead, Iran, .Nations United the of leadership the under terrorism BH/RR End