Oct 21, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA Tehran major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 21, Oct Tehran, :Sunday on dailies DAILY IRAN -- "raids hit-and-run in forces special .S.U" inside deep raids hit-and-run launched commandos .S.U Nations United the as Saturday said Pentagon the soil, Afghan disrupting and country the inside down breaking order civil of warned .efforts aid NEWS IRAN -- "`self-purification' for strive to officials on calls Leader" that Saturday said Khamenei Ali Ayatollah Leader Supreme Iran's should beings human all virtues are selflessness and self-purification .reported agency news IRNA state the for, strive INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "output non-OPEC of freeze a on working OPEC" its in output non-OPEC on freeze a seeking least at is OPEC of burden the share to producers independent key recruit to bid (MEES) Survey Economic East Middle the markets, oil stabilizing .Saturday on said TIMES TEHRAN -- "experts :Afghanistan in weapons nuclear use may States United" of amount large a that reported has Agency News Anatolian The base military Incerlik the from out taken been have substances toxic .Turkey of part southern the in IRAN -- in govt broad-based a of creation to concedes Taliban" "Afghanistan negotiated has government Taliban the of minister prominent A future a of make-up probable the over officials Pakistani with .militia ruling the of removal the after Afghanistan for government RESALAT -- "Isfahanis 6 kills fever Crimean-Congo" in people six killed has fever hemorrhagic Crimean-Congo The the predicting sources informed with Isfahan, of city central the Affairs Civil of Head Deputy the days, upcoming in rise could toll .said Seifollahi Office, Governor's Provincial the of KAREGAR KAR-O -- "Tuesday on parliament in speak to Khatami" of session a before speak to is Khatami Mohammad President Third the of results the on report to Tuesday on parliament Parliamentary and Legal for Deputy the ,(2000-2005) Plan Development on said Abtahi, Ali Mohammad Office, Presidential the of Affairs .Saturday ABRAR -- interior by affairs political for deputy appointed Moballegh" "bail on while minister Moballegh, Morteza Headquarters, Election state's the of Head Minister Interior by detention temporary from recently out bailed political for deputy appointed been has Lari, Mousavi Abdolvahed .office minister's interior the of affairs HAMSHAHRI -- "park national as announced Lar" has (DoE) Environment of Department the of Council Supreme The a Lar of region the making resolution a pass will it announced in DoE the of head the park, national a and region protected .Saturday said Akbari-Fallahi, Firouz ,(Tehran near) Shemiranat NOROUZ -- "attacks -led.S.U in neutrality Iranian prefer Iranians Most" Opinion National the by by taken census initial an of Results 6.47 says Afghanistan on attacks -led.S.U the on Institute Polling 7.38 while stance neutral a prefer Tehran in residents of percent percent 7.7 Only .them condemn should Republic Islamic the say percent .Afghanistan on attacks the support should Iran say NO HAYAT-E -- civilizational of year for coin commemorative mints Vatican" "dialogue dialogue of year" as 2001 mark to coin a minted has Vatican The Nations United the by declared so was year The ".civilizations among .Khatami Mohammad President Iranian by proposal a on ENTEKHAB -- "tomorrow Tehran in arriving FM Italian" a of leg last the on Ruggiero, Renato Minister Foreign Italian .Monday on Tehran in arrive to is tour, East Middle QODS -- "Massacre" incursions repressive of wave new a in troops, Israeli Racist and residents their of several shot territories, Palestinian into .them martyred "AFARINESH -- "Iranians of millions for jubilation Calm" ,(IRIP) force police national Republic's Islamic the of Chief The certain let not should youth country's the said Royanian, Mohammad .victories soccer nation's the exploit elements opportunist YAZD AFTAB-E -- "developments regional review to session closed-door Majlis'" recent on report to is parliament of committee special A .session informal closed-door, a in region the in developments HAMBASTEGI -- "Afghanistan in war ground of Start" American by captured been have Taliban the of bases border Several the of phase second the of start Friday's after forces special .terrorism against war -led.S.U EDALAT SEDAY-E -- "scare anthrax in suspect 1 .no Iraq" over all spreading war bio-terrorism a of threats increasing Amid intensifying are organizations security world Europe, and .S.U the using terror of threat new the behind those down track to efforts an pointed Sunday on press .S.U The .mail by sent anthrax .Iraq at finger accusing ROUZ SIASAT-E -- "tonight soccer Iranian for throbbing hearts of Millions" as history soccer Iranian in night unforgettable an be will Tonight competitions Asian of leg last the in Bahrain visits team national the .qualifier Cup World 2002 the for BH/LS/RR End