Oct 21, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Iranians 12 kills disease Ebola-type Ebola-type an from died have Iranians Twelve -- IRNA 21, Oct Tehran, the March, in year Iranian current the of start the since disease Ministry, Health the of Center Management Disease the of head .said has Gouya, Mehdi Mohammad have to reported people 63 among are disease the of victims The disease a fever, hemorrhagic Crimean-Congo the with infected been .added he animals, and humans among common across reported were infection viral the of cases 37 year, Last .said Gouya death, in ended eight cases, the Of .country the saying disease, deadly the of outbreak further against warned He hygiene public's the raising including measures, fundamental" .spread further its prevent to necessary were "awareness of extent the given task, easy an not is disease this Fighting" Gouya "spreading, for potential disease's the and resources Iranian .said further Ali-Safar Organization, Veterinary Iranian the of official An already have Iranians 100 than more that Saturday last said Makanali, .fever Crimean-Congo the with infected been infected with contact through spread is said, he disease, The Iraq and Afghanistan neighboring from smuggled cattle from ticks .ago years three since in disease the down tracked have officials health Iranian Isfahan, of provinces northwestern and southeastern, central, the .Azarbaijan West and Lorestan Baluchestan, and Sistan Crimean-Congo the with infected those for outcome fatal A virus the that adding said, Makanali percent, 30 is fever hemorrhagic through or humans to animals from ticks infected by spread is .blood or urine as such fluids bodily patients' with contact to similar are fever hemorrhagic Crimean-Congo of symptoms The added are urine and bowels gums, nose, the in bleeding flu; of those and cows sheep, infected by transmitted usually is virus The .symptoms .camels of parts in endemic is fever hemorrhagic Crimean-Congo The southern of parts Arabia, Saudi Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, .Africa north of most and Europe spring, in emerge ticks the since seasonal is illness The .winter in out die and months, warmer the through live Crimean-Congo the of symptoms the although that say experts Health less spreads it virus, Ebola the to similar are fever hemorrhagic .recovery of rate higher significantly a is there and faster southern in peninsula Crimean the in appeared first disease The against rage its unleashed it 1956, In .1944-1945 between Ukraine .country African that in thousands killing Congo, the in down tracked first was fever Congo Crimean the Iran, In the entered virus The .1978 in Khorassan of province northeastern .borders eastern the from cattle imported through country BH/LS/AR End