Oct 21, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Bethlehem in lives Christian more claims terror Jewish artillery Israeli sinister especially An -- IRNA 21, Oct Al-Khalil, over Jala Beit and Bethlehem in neighborhoods Christian of bombardment newly-wed a and boy a including dead people three left has weekend the .woman Thaljiya, Johnny as identified were victims Christian three The .25 Eidy, Abu George Mousa and 24, Kharufa, Ranya 16, to according hostilities, in involved was victims the of None .families their the at standing was he as afternoon Saturday killed was Thaljiya of heart the in Nativity the of Church the outside Square Manger .Bethlehem a of rooftop the at posted sniper Israeli an said eyewitness An .provocation any without him shot area the in building multi-storeyed Israelis the as blood cold in him killed and shot just He" said "questions, ask then and kill first they know You .do usually .murder the witnessed who shopkeeper a Bandak, al Maher stepped reportedly she when Saturday killed also was 24, Kharufa, .family her for milk of packet a buy to home Jala Beit her of out .spot the on succumbed she and her shot sniper Israeli Another in killed was He .Eidy George Mousa was victim Christian third The .circumstances similar the in community Christian the infuriated have killings The .Land Holy Jews the that world the over all Christians tell to want We" homes, our bombing are They .Christ in brothers your killing are Don't .aid our to come Please .children our terrorizing and killing "that, do don't please children, kill to money Jews criminal the give .Jala Beit from orthodox Christian 42-year-old a Arja, Nicholas said their pay Christians American that scandalous" was it said He ".Palestine in Christians murder and kill to Israel to money fired Saturday on gunships helicopter Apache Israeli Meanwhile, in building office multi-storey a at missiles hell-fire several .people 15 least at injuring Bethlehem, downtown in were injured the said area the in sources Hospital .condition serious to moderate we what do we" that blithely rather said spokesman army Israeli An ".civilians killing avoid to can children, mostly Palestinians, 24 than more 18 October Since of bombardments Israeli in killed been have civilians, and women .towns Palestinian Authority Palestinian prompted have killings indiscriminate The only the is Israel" :declare to Rabbo Abed Yasser Minister Information ".murder for children targets army whose world the in country /NK/LS/AR End