Oct 21, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Pakistan in talks after Rome in back representative Shah's Zaher Mohammad politician Afghan aging Exiled -- IRNA 21, Oct Islamabad, in back is Arsala Amin Hedayat representative special Shah's Zaher .him to Pakistan to trip his of outcome the report to Rome a atop evening Saturday till week a for Islamabad in was Arsala as well as officials, Pakistani the with confer and meet to delegation .personalities Afghan ome Saturday IRNA told delegation Shah's Zaher of members the of One with talks their of axis main the that Islamabad leaving before night in situation current the was officials Afghan and Pakistani the .country that of future political the and Afghanistan Afghan and officials Pakistani the " added, Abdul-Khaliq Haji be should government Afghan future the that agreed were personalities population, Afghan whole the represent to way a in broad-based quite groups military-political numerous and tribes various the including .there more with conferred and met delegation Shah's Zaher that said He personalities Afghan (combatant) jihadi and political twenty than exchanged have they whom with Pakistan, in stay week-long their during Afghan future a for formula practical a seeking viewpoints, .government President Pakistan's with conferred and met Arsala Amin Hedayat Abdus Minster Foreign Pakistani the and Musharraf Pervez General Zaher Mohammad delivering Islamabad, in stay his during Khan Sattar .them to messages Shah's over Rome in exile in Shah, Zaher Mohammed king Afghan Former a as analysts political Western some by considered is decades two should Taliban the if government transition any head to candidate .fall Minister Foreign Italian and French received ex-monarch The state German as well as week, this Ruggiero Renato and Vedrine .Chrobog Juergen affairs, foreign for secretary Afghan lingering the to solution a seeking proposed has Shah Zaher consultative Afghan traditional the of formation the through crisis ."Jergeh Loyeh" the clans, of heads Afghan elderly the of assembly NA/JB End