Oct 21, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Minister :5b.$3 reaches forex Pakistan's foreign a crossed Saturday on Pakistan - IRNA 21, Oct Islamabad, its of record a is which dollars, billion 5.3 of reserve exchange .said Aziz Shaukat Minister, Finance history, not did figure the that Islamabad in conference news a told Aziz its as paid Pakistan which dollars, million hundred six include the of result the is reserve the said He .month this liabilities .proceeds export net in increase and rupee the of consolidation receiving of process the in is Pakistan said Minister Finance The Club Paris from dollars million 800 about to amounting support fiscal United the from dollars million 673 include them Among .far so friends from million 40 Union, European the from dollars million 45 States, .Japan from dollars million 25 and Britain made commitments the above and over is said, he amount, this All that on Commitments .Pakistan in refugees Afghan the of succor the for million 600 exceeded have out, pointed Minister Finance the account, .Secretary-General UN the by made was appeal an which for dollars mostly spent be will It .UNHCR through spent be will sum This" ."needs their buy to Pakistan in locally for Club Paris by relief debt that stated Minister Finance The The .most the at January or December by finalized be would Pakistan and development human sector, social to diverted be will sought relief as loan dollar million 285 its converted has Canada .reduction poverty 24 off written has Britain .sector social of development the for grant .Corporation Development Commonwealth of credit dollars million business to relief provide to efforts Government's the Listing on tax withholding of deferment include these said he industry, and dollars million 150 of guarantee of utilisation and items export some .sector private the to Bank Development Asian the by had (PIA)Airline International Pakistan that noted Aziz Shaukat after percent thirty by income freight its increase to able been .11 September TK/MMZ/JB End