Oct 21, 2001, 12:01 AM
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operation in put Zabol near refugees Afghan for camp Second Rostam Governor Zabol -- IRNA 21, Oct .prov Sistan-Baluchestan Zabol, is refugees Afghan for camp second The" Saturday, here said Sadriyeh border the to adjacent Afghanistan of soil the in operation into put .Zabol near Mahkaki of area camp, the at housed be may refugees 5,000 that IRNA told Sadrieh .persons 7,000 to up extended be even may capacity its while the up set to made been also have preparations the that said He the into miles 74 area Pashmakeh at refugees Afghan for camp third .Afghanistan of soil as well as services sanitary and welfare All" added, Sadrieh ".camps the at provided are facilities telecommunication undergo camps these to referring refugees the that noted He .them entering before vaccinated get and examination medical delivered not have bodies international far so that added Sadrieh Zabol of vicinity the at up set camps the at supplies relief any .borderline into miles 46 located camps the residing refugees the that said He medicine, of need dire in are area Mahkaki and Afghanistan of soil the .food canned an milk dry been have bodies international the from delegations Various to Zabol of vicinity the at located camps said two the visiting .province Baluchestan and Sistan of north the Miankangi the within Zabol from kms 35 located is camp Mahkaki .Afghanistan of depth the into kms five area border MP/JB End