Oct 20, 2001, 12:01 AM
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camp refugee Zabol in settled refugees Afghan Red the of Head -- IRNA 20, Oct .prov Sistan-Baluchestan Zahedan, said Ganj-Ali Ali Mohammad township Zabol the of Society Crescent in settled been have refugees Afghan of families 118 about Saturday .borders eastern Zabol the near Iran by up set camps the now are families 118 of people 519 that IRNA told Ganj-Ali the in refugees Afghan the for provided aid humanitarian the enjoying .too materials sanitary and foodstuff include which camp Zabol food, canned rice, of amounts tents, 118 blankets, 138 Some distributed been have detergents and implements kitchen oil, kooking .added official the camp, this in living Afghans among of number huge a to led has Afghanistan on attacks -led.S.U The are refugees Afghan of number Large .country war-torn the in refugees with borders its off sealed has that Iran in refuge seeking bombardment aerial of week second its on is Afghanistan .Afghanistan States United the for retaliation in forces British and .S.U by Osama surrender to failing for and 11 September on attacks suicidal .attacks the in suspect prime '.S.U the Laden, bin swell could refugees Afghan of number the said have officials UN to reported million 7.3 the from up days, coming the in million 5.7 to .countries other as well as Iran and Pakistan in settled already be the provide to community international the encourages Iran .people Afghan crisis-hit the to aid humanitarian HB/JB End