Oct 20, 2001, 12:01 AM
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:EDALAT 10-SEDA-Y-E rise to exports ceramics +Tile, that announced has Council Exports Non-Oil High of Secretariat square million 120 to rise will products ceramic and tile of export 2000-) Plan Development Economic Five-Year Third the of end by meters .year last meters square million 62 from (2005 - - - - :NOW 11-HAYAT-E spinning Kashan to offered be to credit in million 8.3 +Dlrs factories the of disposal the at put be to is credit in million 8.3 Dlrs modernize and systems new produce to factories spinning and weaving .machinery made Swiss and German existing - - - - 12-IRAN Exchange Stock Tehran at trade thriving of +Resumption was trade good relatively recession, of weeks several After was rise percent 6.1 week, Last .Exchange Stock Tehran at underway percent 21.51 and value of terms in shares of exchange in observed .index price share the in - - - - :13-ENTEKHAB relaxed be to Iran to exports wheat .S.+U there company, cereals Iran's by wheat .S.U of purchase Following .Iran in .S.U the for availabe market lucrative be will - - - - :14-KAR-O-KARGAR Isfahan's at operational be to line production sheet coated +Tin complex Steel Mobarakeh be to is line production sheet tin-coated a time, first the For March on end year the by complex steel Mobarakeh Isfahan at launched .2002 20, - - - - :ESLAMI 15-JOMHOURI forex Iran's in deficiency dollars billion 5.1 rejects +MPO balance and Management the at Department Economy Macro of General Director Iran's that claim the rejected Asali (MPO) Organization Planning 5.1 dlrs of deficit a suffered year last balance exchange foreign calculating in errors statistical been had there said MPO The .billion .figure exact the - - - - :16-HAMBASTEGI industrial and fund forex on seminar host to House +Industries development Hadi Province Tehran in Mines and Industries of House the of Head industrial and fund deposit forex using on seminar said Ghanimifard presence in house said the by November late held be to is development .officials banking of - - - - :17-TOSE'E exporters carpet Iran's to visa one-month give to .S.+U expositions carpet 22 up set to is Iran years, 13 of lapse After carpet exclusive Iran's of Director .S.U the of cities various in 400 dlrs earn will Iran that said Farajollah Samir .S.U the in fairs Iranian given has .S.U the and fair carpet Angeles Los in million .visas one-month exporters carpet - - - - :18-ETTELA'AT various in held be to gas and oil in conferences international +7 month next countries in held be to are gas and oil on conferences international Seven Petrochemicals Gas, Oil, to according month, next countries various .publication - - - - :19-KAYHAN Yazd in up set be to centers breeding poultry and cattle +70 province complexes, breeding cow 14 including centers, breeding cattle 70 set be to are centers, breeding horse two centers, farming chicken 14 Jihad Agricultural of Head Deputy to according province, Yazd in up .Montazeri Mehdi Affairs Livestock for province Yazd in Office - - - - :DAILY 20-IRAN products agro eye +Germans member products, agricultural Iran's for market good a is Germany Mehrad Azad Technology of University Berlin of board scientific the of agricultural Iran's since said Mehrad .(Province Gilan) Rasht in said healthy are products agro and methods traditional uses still sector .Germany in marketed easily be can they - - - - :NEWS 21-IRAN Prince Crown Saudi to delivered message Khatami's +President latest the concerning Khatami Mohammad President from message A to delivered was Wednesday on Tehran in market oil in developments .Abdullah Prince Crown Arabia's Saudi - - - - :TIMES 22-TEHRAN stability market oil seek Arabia .S +Iran, Wednesday on Tehran in said Zanganeh, Namdar Bijan Minister, Oil for need the on stance common share Arabia Saudi and Iran that .market oil the in stability - - - - :INTERNATIONAL 23-KAYHAN ties trade promote to urged countries +Muslim uncertainties political and economic global current the With for need the States, United the in attacks terrorist the from arising Islamic the of Organization the of members especially nations, Muslim more become cooperation economic their strengthen to (OIC) Conference of charge in secretary second Solimane, Ali Abdelrahim said urgent, .Lumpur Kuala in Embassy Morocco at affairs economic BG/AH End