Oct 20, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Press Saturday's in headlines making news Economic stories news economic major are Following -- IRNA 20, Oct Tehran, :Saturday on dailies Iranian in highlighted were which :EQTESADI 1-ABRAR-E possible tires machinery building road of export makes +Dena implement to managed company manufacturing tire Dena Iran's building road of export and production for project the successfully .machinery - - - - be to exports from debts foreign Overdue :Minister +Commerce off written on based said has Shariatmadari Mohammad Minister Commerce have facilities special council export high the of approval latest .exporters by accrued debts foreign overdue for forecast been - - - - by capacity generation power its raise to Iran :Minister +Energy megawatts 1,760 summer next by that said has Bitaraf Habibollah Minister Energy generation power Iran's to added be will power of megawatts 1,760 .capacity - - - - :2-NOROUZ refinery Lavan in capacity production petrol unleaded in +Rise Jahromi Khajeie Mohammad refinery Oil Lavan of Director Managing to rise will refinery the at petrol unleaded of production said has .liters 750,000 present the from day a liters million 5.1 - - - - :3-AFARINESH Iran in companies European by investment supports +EU having for is Europe that said has envoy Union's European A the in country important and key a as Iran with relations commercial oppose not does EU the ,.S.U the to contrary that said He .region to companies European by move any supports and Iran in investment .Iran in invest - - - - Iran with cooperation economic expand to +Japan cooperation for is Tokyo that report a in said daily Japanese A of use expanding terminals, loading oil of renovation in Iran with .sectors infrastructural other and cars gas-fueled - - - - :YAZD 4-AFTAB-E annually wasted fruits citrus Iran's of percent +30 Department Fruits Semi-Tropical and Tropic the of General Director out percent 30 said has Saffari Vahid Ministry Jihad Agricultural at .annually wasted are products citrus of tons 3,700,000 Iran's of - - - - left Turkmenistan and Iran by Dam Friendship of +Construction shortage credit to due unfinished said Meybodi Javad Company Water Khorassan of General Director Friendship of construction for project venture joint Iran-Turkmenistan .funds insufficient to due Sarakhs in unfinished left been has Dam - - - - :5-MELLAT flight Tehran-Berlin cancels Air +Iran Tehran- its cancel to is airliner carrier flag national Iran's in office representative Air Iran .30 October of as flights Berlin is flight the of cancellation for reason the said Frankfurt .passengers of number in decline and response public insufficient - - - - chinaware of export in +Rise of tons 2.691 said Council Export Non-Oil High of Secretariat year Iranian current the of half first the in exported were chinaware .8.287 dlrs country the earning ,(March started) - - - - :ROUZ 6-SIASAT-E year this up set be to metals for +Bourse recently has Majlis at Commission Auditing and Budget Plan, The producing metal for shares in dealing bourse a that announced .by-law Exchange's Stock Tehran per up set be to is companies - - - - :7-ABRAR gas Turkmen of export for route strategic a +Iran route strategic a is Iran said has Minister Gas and Oil Turkmen Ashkhabad and market world the to gas Turkmenistan's of export for and Iran from gas of export for project the to importance great places .Turkey - - - - projects companies' Korean in share highest has +Iran Iran said has Ministry Energy and Industry Trade, Korean South under projects development and industrial the in share highest had has .companies Korean by East Middle the in implementation - - - - :8-HAMSHAHRI stable economy Iran's :Minister Mines and +Industries Iran's said has Jahangiri Eshaq Minister Mines and Industries over steady remained have rates forex its as stable now is economy .trend downward a followed even and years recent - - - - :9-QODS :Minister (PTT) Telephone and Telegraph Post, +Deputy ministry PTT in priority a Privatization and Legal for Minister (PTT) Telephone and Telegraph Post, Deputy privatization said Narjesi Ramezanpour Qassem affairs Parliamentary Economic Five-Year Third the in priority the given be would .(2000-2005) Plan Development BG/AH More