Oct 20, 2001, 12:01 AM
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envoy Zahir :vacuum political fill to council Supreme will Unity National of Council Supreme A -- IRNA 20, .Oct Islamabad, coalition's -led.S.U the after vacuum political a fill to formed be minister foreign former Afghanistan's said achieved, are objectives .Saturday here a of formation on agreed and talked have we stay, our During" a fill to responsibility with Unity National of Council Supreme .here interview an in IRNA told he "vacuum, political king former of team three-member a headed Arsla Amin Hidayat top the with discussions indepth held which Islamabad to Shah Zahir indirect with along commanders Afghan and leadership Pakistani .officials Taliban ranking low with deliberations Abdul and Khaliq Abdul Haji were team the of members other two The .Sherzai Karim few a comprising upon, agreed council the that explained Arsla structure urgent an constituting for responsible be will members, .objectives of achievement the following the of concept the on dwelling before observations the made Arsla the despatched had Shah Zahir the basically which for Jirga Loya .Pakistan to team inside convened be should Jirga Loya the that said firmly He .place takes change the till wait could they this for and Afghanistan all representing council, the that noted Arsla meantime, the In" a of role the play to enough broad be should elements, Afghan Jirga Loya the that trying are and desire we But .set-up provisional .added he "possible, as soon as held be his that confidence with said he question, a to reply In Musharraf, Pervez General President Pakistani with meetings team's Taliban and commanders Afghan Sattar, Abdul Minister Foreign .fruitful very were officials restored be can stability and peace permanent that agreed all We" the in government broad-based a constituting by only Afghanistan in he "council, the within vacuum political the filling after future .maintained an for calls plan Shah's Zahir although that continued He the and situation the of urgency the of because Jirga, Loya emergency put to important was it vacuum political the up filling of importance .first council a place in future the in Shah Zahir of role possible a about question a To any have not does king former the that said Arsla Afghanistan, of a of holding facilitate to is priority his that but power for desire .Jirga Loya its on depends Jirga the at him to given be will honor what And" ".participants decision any accept to ready is king former the said he However, .people Afghan the of in popularity enjoying elder, an as that stated also He convene to right the has he unity, of symbol a being and Afghanistan .Jirga Loya a of part any in meeting or effort any that view the of was Arsla be can plan Shah's Zahir of supportive is which including world the .peace restoring in helpful confusion, a create only can it then thing, new a is it if But" ".added he MMZ/LS/RR End