Oct 20, 2001, 12:01 AM
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"reactionary" Zahir Mohammad return to plans calls Mohajerani Ataollah advisor, presidential Iranian -- IRNA 20, Oct Berlin, the returning of idea the "reactionary" as dismissed Mohajerani, weekly German the country, his to Zahir Mohammad king Afghan former .Saturday here saying as him quoted Zeit "it!, Forget .act reactionary a be would king the of return The" the return to initiative Western a to referring said, Mohajerani .country war-ravaged his to ex-king 87-year-old represents" which government Afghan an of formation the urged He ."groups all Pashtuns, among balance a re-establish to has One" added, Mohajerani religious Sunni and Shiite the between as well as Uzbeks and Tajiks ".communities head current and minister guidance Islamic and culture former The visited recently Civilizations Among Dialogue for Center Iran's of the of speaker the by invitation earlier an to responding Germany, .Thierse Wolfgang Parliament German OT/HZ/KS End