Oct 20, 2001, 12:01 AM
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UP India's in VHP against Ayodhya in filed report information 1st Information First A -- IRNA 20, Oct India, Pradesh, Uttar Lucknow, Parishad Hindu Vishwa the against Friday on filed was (FIR) Report Giriraj and Dixit .C.S Singhal, Ashok including leaders, (VHP) entering for supporters unidentified 40 to 30 their alongwith Kishore, .site Masjid Babri the in station police Janmabhoomi Ram the at filed was FIR The .duty on servants government obstructing for Ayodhya an make to tried Kishore and Dixit Singhal, FIR, the to According the on built temple (Hindu) Lalla Ram makeshift the into entry illegal .m.a 30.10 around 17 October on site Masjid Babri temple the barricading gangway the through way their forced They an alongwith Singh, Tarmeh CRPF, the of commandant deputy the when and them pushed they them, stop to tried CRPF the of jawans and inspector .area prohibited the entered and aside Deputy and (Security) Police Superintendent Assistant The .incident the of site the at present also were (City) ADM Magistrate, disobeyed only not members (VHP) organization Hindu-rightist The from them prevented also but concerned officials the of orders the .said FIR the duties, lawful their performing here reporters told Dayal, Naresh Home, Secretary, Principal government, state the by received reports to according that today .sanctorum sanctum the entered not had persons these IND/LS/RR END