Oct 20, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA Tehran major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 20, Oct Tehran, :Saturday on dailies DAILY IRAN -- "crisis Afghan to linked security regional says Kharrazi" with Friday on here meeting a in Kharrazi, Kamal Minister Foreign recent and ties bilateral discussed Rakhmonov, Emomali President Tajik .reported IRNA crisis, Afghan the including developments regional NEWS IRAN -- "backing Chinese wins Bush Afghanistan, inside forces Special" started having as Friday on reported were forces special .S.U was Bush .W George President as just Afghanistan inside operations the secured had he announced and Shanghai in summit APEC the attending .terrorism against fight -led.S.U the for China of backing important INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "Taliban without gov't coalition Afghan prefers Iran" for role a out ruled Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign Iranian talks in Afghanistan for government future a in leaders Taliban .Rakhmonov Emomali President Tajikistan with Friday TIMES TEHRAN -- "soon Tehran in due chancellor Austrian" official an pay to is Schuessel Wolfgang Chancellor Austrian .Wednesday on Tehran to visit YAZD AFTAB-E -- "Iran to exports wheat eyeing exporters American" could company cereal Iranian an by wheat American of purchase The of exporters American for market lucrative a of opening the signal .product the RESALAT -- "Afghanistan in hunger from die 600" of died have Afghans 600 that Friday on said radio Pakistani .north country's the in hunger AFARINESH -- "ceasefire a for plan considering Taliban" of end the at announced Islamabad to ambassador Taliban The ceasefire a carrying was he that Afghanistan to trip week-long a .Pakistan to Kandahar from plan ESLAMI JOMHOURI-YE -- Afghanistan on attacks enemy's to states Islamic of Inaction" "injunctions Quranic of ignoring states' the of result direct a is on Khamenei Ali Ayatollah Revolution Islamic the of Leader Supreme and Quran Holy the observe to Muslims for need the stressed Thursday .book divine the of injunctions the EDALAT SEDAY-E -- "Younesi :worry to reason no has Iran" -led.S.U the called has Younesi Ali Minister Information Iran's a is strike the saying ,"blunder big a" as Afghanistan on attack unlike not scene international the in collapse America's to precursor .Union Soviet former the to happened what QODS -- "game Iran-Iraq following incidents criticizes President" celebrations wild the denounced has Khatami Mohammad President Iran which in ago Fridays two events soccer the after place took which sparked which and qualifier Cup World the in Iraq neighboring thrashed .Tehran capital the in celebrations wild MELLAT -- "ignorance of age the of mentality a reprisal blood for Blood" on said Lari Mousavi Abdolvahed Interior the of Minister Iranian restraint practice to Americans urged had world the wished he Thursday Afghan on attacks reprisal the to support their given than rather .civilians ROUZ SIASAT-E -- "claim Washington's rejects Tehran" Powell's Colin State of Secretary .S.U rejected Thursday on Iran to assistance offered had Republic Islamic the that statements .Afghanistan on attack its in Washington NOROUZ -- "Iran in investment firms' European backs EU" Department Mongolia and Asia Central Caucasus, the of head The improving to keen is Europe that said has Union European the of the in country important and key a as Iran with relations trade .region HAMSHAHRI -- worth $8-billion implementing currently firms Japanese" "Iran in projects of Japanese that said has Keizai Nihon daily widely-read The against .S.U the by imposed sanctions unilateral shrugging companies, worth Iran, in plan investment new a mulling are Republic, Islamic the .dollars billion eight ABRAR -- "Iran with differences settle to chance the losing America" Italian an told Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign Iranian and Afghanistan on attacks -led.S.U the denounced he newspaper should terrorism, against fight the win to wanted it if America, that .Iran to listened have ENTEKHAB -- economic of lifting confirms office special president's .S.U" "Iran on sanctions that Friday Entekhab told Tehran, in based sources, Diplomatic a for proposals four confirmed has office presidential .S.U the .America and Iran between ties economic of resumption IRAN -- "low two-year a to dips price Crude" 11, September since low two-year a to slumped have prices Crude low as to dipping delivery December for crude Sea North Brent with .dollars 20 as JAM JAAM-E -- "Majlis to report to Khatami" parliamentary a attend to scheduled is Khatami Mohammad President Development Third the of progress the on report to Tuesday on session .(2000-2005) Plan KARGAR KAR-O -- "problems facing people Afghan to food of Dispatch" hungry the feed to "time against race" a in are agencies aid World country, war-torn the of parts in famine avert to and Afghanistan in on said Iran in representative (WFP) Program Food World UN the .Thursday BH/LS/AR End