Oct 20, 2001, 12:01 AM
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more kills towns, Palestinian more enters army occupation Israeli civilians tanks, by backed troops, occupation IRNA--Israeli 20, Oct Al-Khalil, entered gunships, helicopter American-supplied and vehicles armored .Saturday Bank West the throughout towns Palestinian several of towns the encircled troops Israeli said sources Palestinian tanks with Bank, West the of part northern the in Qalqilya and Tulkarm .towns two the of centers the overlooking hilltops at position taking with neighborhoods Palestinian strafed tanks Israeli Tulkarm, In two least at killing fire, artillery light and machinegun heavy .others several injuring and Palestinians Maher and 53, saleh, Mahmoud Mustafa as identified were two The .years 33 Hasaneh, Abu indiscriminately also army Israeli the south, the to Qalqilya In who civilian a killing fire, machinegun heavy with city-center strafed Mustafa as identified was victim The .home his outside standing was .Nofal were civilians other five said sources medical Palestinian .seriously one injured, in positions its enforced army occupation Israeli the Meantime, including Friday, on entered it towns Palestinian other three Palestinian the of capital Bank West facto de the Ramallah, .Authority the of parts large in curfew a imposed army occupation the There, to threatening and homes their leaving from civilians barring town, .violators kill to shoot fighting in interested is Bush (.W George President US) If" ".ground the on it see to Ramallah to here come should he terrorism, his to confined been has who teacher Palestinian a Zeidan, Nur said .curfew the to due Ramallah in home more three claimed terror state organized Israel's Bethlehem, In 3 al-Khader, of village the at killed housewife a including civilians, indiscriminately tanks Israeli when Bethlehem, of west south km was woman The .fire machinegun heavy with homes residential strafed .Isbeih Miryam as identified similar in died Akra Qader Abdul as identified man, A Ayda the of bombardment Israeli heavy in night Friday circumstances .Bethlehem inside camp refugee Christian, a Eda, George Mousa as identified was victim third The .home Jala Beit his of veranda the in sitting while reportedly killed .Jala Beit in community Christian the angered Eda of death The the ask to want We .unbearable and untenable is situation This" to Zionists criminal those support you do Why .America of Christians local the of one said "Palestine? in brothers Christian your murder .salim Abuna as identified priests, out send to continued Authority Palestinian the Meanwhile, intervention for appealing community, world the to messages desperate .Bank West the in murder and terror of rampage Israeli the stop to minister information PA normally-circumspect the Thursday, On in terrorists chief two are there" that declared Rabbo Abed Yasser ".Laden Bin Osama and Sharon Ariel world, this but incessant to reaction in came remarks Rabbo's Abed for struggle Palestinian the equate to Sharon by attempts unsuccessful an laden, Bin Osama with occupation and apartheid Jewish from freedom .States United the ally, strategic Israel's by even rejected equation KA/NK/HM End