Oct 20, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Saturday on newspapers Pakistani in Headlines major in appeared headlines Following -- IRNA 20, Oct Islamabad, .20 October on dailies pakistani Dawn ........ leaders Pashtun over win to trying US * Qaeda Al to links for held foreigners 4 * talks hold to Pakistan India, urges Germany * Palestinians six kill Israelis * likely US in talks Vajpayee Musharraf, * airport Jacobabad at out breaks Fire * News The ........... heartland Taliban hit commandos US * war guerrilla long of warn Taliban * proposal Taliban fresh discuss to ready Pakistan * war Afghan to solution political for Germany * partner strong a as Pakistan praises US * Afghanistan on policies Pak-Iran Divergent * Nation The ............. Commission High British Islamabad at alarm Anthrax * Friday on Pakistan enter refugees 35,000 * setup new in Taliban for role no see Russia India, * envoy Afghan :anthrax behind not Taliban * FO :welcomed be to plan peace Taliban * Post Frontier The .................... today authorities Pakistani meet to envoy Afghan * govt Afghan future for plan shrouds Mystery * finalised yet not US to visit Musharraf * Jihad for call Laden's Bin reject scholars Islamic * Afghanistan in unexploded still bombs missiles, 10-30% * Observer Pakistan .................... war fullfledged a to US challenge Taliban * Zaeef says Osama, on stand Kabul in change No * Bush :terror on 'understanding' have China, US, * pictures Afghanistan of sale bars France * Kabul in government coalition for Iran * /MMZ/HM End