Oct 19, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Afghanistan in starvation rising of warn agencies Aid will roads the fast, approaching is Winter" - IRNA 19, Oct Islamabad, is Afghanistan inside food of amount the and soon, off cut be Refugees for spokesman the Thompson, Larry "insufficient, .said has Islamabad, in (RI)International have partners its and (WFP) Programme Food World UN The of millions the feed to necessary food the half than less distributed statement RI an to according Afghanistan, in people vulnerable .here released it disaster, humanitarian a avert to needed was food more lot A .said death that warning also are agencies aid international Other of result the as sharply rise could disease and starvation from rates to supplies food of delivery the obstructing difficulties the .Afghanistan six prompted have country the in conditions deteriorating The of means only the as strikes air US-led the in pause fora call to NGOs .safely in brought be can food enough that ensuring security serious the that say to on went statement RI The the of start the attacks, September 11 the since arising concerns had workers aid international of withdrawal the and strikes US-led five than more feed to efforts humanitarian hampered seriously .need desperate in Afghans million be to continuing are programmes say agencies aid Although offices, NGO and UN of lootings recent staff, national by implemented disrupting severely are "non-Afghans armed" by staff on attacks and communications Taliban-imposed the by compounded further progress, .blackout over refugees of outflow increased an of warned Thompson could too, This, .present at closed are which borders, Afghanistan's had UNHCR that noting said, he disaster, humanitarian a create Quetta, into crossed had Afghans 8,000 over that confirmed .days four last the over Pakistan, southwestern "guarantees public" for called have Afghanistan in working NGOs aid impede or target not will forces military that parties all from get safety, reasonable in cannot, we that now evident is It" .convoys director Stocking, Barbara said "people, Afghan hungry to food Islamic by supported also position a outlining International, Oxfam of Tear the Development, for Fund Catholic the Aid, Christian Relief, .Aid Action and Fund be should drivers truck commercial of use the said Thompson trading wheat that know We" .deliveries boost to order in considered .said he "Afghanistan, in continuing still is crossing border at stuck are supplies that however, report, NGOs .drivers truck of shortage a to due Afghanistan, to leading points being infrastructure civilian of reports increased Following on compound ICRC an including forces, coalition by hit accidentally .regions some enter to reluctant are drivers Tuesday, the Banna, al Hany Dr "Quetta, in stuck food of mt 1,000 have We" be would quantity this said He .said Relief, Islamic of director trucks 60 the take to willing drivers but people, 50,000 for sufficent .found be not could Afghanistan into it transport to needed the in pause a said agencies aid the statement, joint a In humanitarian a averting of hope best the" give would now bombing were Afghans 400,000 some said statement The ."scale large a on crisis essential and vegetation wild on subsisting be to thought already the last to food insufficient had people million two that livestock, by snow by off cut be would 500,000 these of that and winter, .mid-November a to down be to estimated are Afghanistan in stocks food UN stepping is it announced has WFP although mt, 9,000 of supply two-week Catherine WFP, of head the reporters, to Speaking .deliveries up 10 next the in delivered be to expected was mt 16,000 said Bertini, to aims and day, a mt 900 about in sending currently is WFP .days .month per mt 52,000 of total a reach The .conditions security deteriorating to referred also Bertini and Kabul in one - warehouses UN two of control took recently Taliban more seizing thereby - Kandahar of province southern the in other the seriously had action This .country the in stock WFP's the half than .said she efforts, relief obstructed UN the that confirmed has Islamabad in spokesman WFP a Meanwhile, .Kabul in warehouse its of control regained had the in Hazarajat, into aid deliver to is priority urgent An is families 100,000 about to access road where highlands, central of emerging already are Reports .mid-November by cut be to expected isolated the in shortage severe a by caused deaths hunger-related .region has WFP million, 3.2 of population estimated Hazarajat's With Bertini .delivered be to needs aid food of mt 30,000 that calculated road by deliveries if considered being were airdrops that confirmed the not were airdrops said Thompson .requirements total meet to failed .saved be to were lives if considered be should but option, best to states member urged has Council Security the Meanwhile, appeal humanitarian emergency UN the to contributions disburse rapidly quickly in coming not are disbursements Actual" .Afghanistan for in Centre Information UN the of director the Falt, Eric "enough, .conference news a at reporters told Islamabad, the of million $12 US about received only has it said has UNHCR governments Donor .refugees for cater to needed million $50 estimated not had pledges the but million, $11 another pledged formally have than less received had WFP .said Falt ,"cash into translated" been $36 for appeal UNICEF's while million, $257 for appeal its of half .said he far, so half by met been only also had million TK/MMZ/JB End