Oct 19, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Mashhad in arrives aid humanitarian WFP of convoy A Food World the of Head -- IRNA 19, Oct .prov Khorasan Mashhad, Fortman Marius Iran of Republic Islamic the in office (WFP) Program Mashhad in arrived Norway by donated tents storage six Friday here aid .today dlrs .S.U about costs convoy received the that IRNA told Fortman .50,000 Khorasan to sent be will tents storage four that added He Baluchestan and Sistan to dispatched be will other two while province, .province Air Dutch a by Mashhad to dispatched was convoy the that said He .WFP to availed cargo Force worth Britain by donated flour wheat of tons 150 that added He Herat to dispatched be to due is 30,000 dlrs .S.U at approximately .Dougharoun via border, the at occur disturbances no case In" stressed, Fortman refugees Afghan to Britain by dedicated flour wheat of tons more 400 ".Herat to dispatched be will .80,000 dlrs .S.U .approx costs convoy expected the that noted He with Iran provide will WFP that IRNA told earlier had Fortman .aid relief for million 19 dlrs .S.U of basis the on calculated been has WFP by amount dedicated The camps provided the to moving refugees Afghan of number predicted the at estimated Afghanistan, in lines border its near Iran by up et .400,000 .S.U is refugees Afghan to donated aid relief WFP of sum The probable the of basis the on calculated been has which 160,000 dlrs million six about include which Afghans displaced million 5.7 borders the near refugees million 5.1 and Afghanistan inside persons .Pakistan and soil Afghanistan's in Iran of MP/JB End