Oct 19, 2001, 12:01 AM
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president Turkmen meets FM Iran's meeting a in Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign -- IRNA 19, .Oct Tehran, the discussed Niyazov Saparmurat President Turkmen with Friday on attacks -led.S.U the of wake the in developments regional .Afghanistan and region the in situation the over concern expressed Kharrazi He .terrorism condemn states Islamic the all said and Afghanistan in of spread the to itself conducive is situation current the that noted .acts terrorist force of use the by just eradicated be not could terrorism said He defenseless the case that in since action military the through and .actions military these of victim be would civilian of result the is Afghanistan in crisis current the said Kharrazi international the by country war-ruined the toward negligence the be would it that adding while decades past two the over community in events the supervise Nations united the that now preferential .Afghanistan another to rise give would country this on measure imposed Any the toward policeis Iran's on commented He .said he on, later crisis .region the in shape taking developments foreign Iranian the by Turkmenistan to visit the said Niyazov the under "ground-breaking and importance prime of" was minister among negotiations the said he since circumstances sensitive present and peace of restoration the to contribute would states regional the .region the in stability in crisis and situation current the that say to on went He .states regional the of detrimental the to is Afghanistan a establish help to has community international the said Niyazov could powers big the that so Afghanistan in government broad-based of pretext the under region the in presence their maintain not .Afghanistan protecting against attacks .S.U the of approve not does Turkmenistan said He .civilians innocent the of killing the to leads it since Afghanistan and regime legal Sea Caspian the discussed further sides two The legal proper a attain to negotiations the of continuation the stressed .Sea Caspian the for status for Turkmenistan and Tajikistan to visit one-day a on Kharrazi, Turkmen his with today earlier talks held crisis, Afghan the on talks mutual of issues of range a discussed and Murodov Rashid counterpart .interest that Tehran in IRNA told he interview, pre-departure a In Afghan current the and developments regional the of examination" main the wee "ties bilateral of examination as well as situation .Tajikistan and Turkmenistan to trip his of objectives Afghanistan with borders common has countries three the of Each bin Osama sheltering for attacks -led.S.U the under come has which American on attack terror 11 September the in suspect key the Laden, .centers defense and trade also has but attacks, terror the condemn to swift was Iran targeted they since Afghanistan, on strikes -led.S.U the denounced international an for called has Iran,instead, .well as civilians .Nations United the of leadership the under terrorism against campaign HB/JB End