Oct 19, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Taliban :Osama on change No in change no is there said Friday Taliban - IRNA 19, Oct Islamabad, our of part is Osama on policy" saying, Laden, bin Osama on policy its ."faith its by stands still Afghanistan of Emirate Islamic The" a it consider we as change no is There .Osama on stand long-standing a told Zaeef Salam Abdul Mulla envoy Taliban ,"beliefs our of part .Kandahar from arrival his on conference news strikes military its reconsider to offered has States United The the Laden, bin Osama over hands regime Taliban the if Afghanistan on .Washington and York New on attacks 11 September the for suspect prime saying offer, .S.U the rejected have leaders Taliban the But, if country third a to Laden bin Osama over hand to consider would they evidence concrete its shows and attacks air stops States United the .Osama against leaders Taliban other and Omar Mohammad Mulla leader met Zaeef the visiting besides situation current the them with discussed and air devastating their in allies and American by hit areas, civilian .strikes system communication destroyed have allies its and American The" for leaders the meet to Afghanistan visited I why is that and .said envoy Taliban the ,"consultations civilians innocent targeting of coalition -led.S.U the accused He is regime Taliban the of system defense the saying Afghanistan, in .invasion any against fighting for strong still American the of landing the about information no has he said He fight to ready are forces Taliban the said but Afghanistan in troops .strikes ground launch coalition -led.S.U the should back Taliban the with meetings his of details give to refused Zaeef important" any not is there saying Kandahar, in Omar Mullah leader .authorities Pakistani the to Omar from "message from plan a him with had he that reports denied envoy Taliban The .Afghanistan of bombing -led.S.U the end to leaders Taliban bombs 2,000 7, October on started strikes air -led.S.U the Since Taliban The .Afghanistan in dropped been have missiles cruise and been have appeals their but negotiations for called have leaders .Washington by rejected the that insisted Bush .W George President .S.U week, Last .conditions without and immediately Laden bin extradite must Taliban Minister Foreign Taliban that reports rejected flatly Zaeef differences are there and defected has Mutawakil Ahmed Wakil Maulvi .Pakistan visited not has Mutawakil said He .ranks Taliban the within Taliban the with ways part not can but die can Mutawakil" .said he "movement, "Al-Jazeera" on appeared yesterday Minister Foreign Taliban The .defection his about rumours the buried has which channel, satellite the Mazar-e-Sharif, of city northern the around fighting About .rivals the defeated have forces Taliban said envoy opposition the with reconciling not are Taliban why Asked said he forces, coalition American-led the against fight to alliance fight to them with hands join to Muslims the all invite Taliban .aggressors the against TK/MMZ/JB End