Oct 19, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Spokesman :Pakistan from Afghanistan against operation ground No ground no that said Friday Pakistan - IRNA 19, Oct Islamabad, .territory its from allowed be will Afghanistan against operations told Khan Mohammad Riaz spokesman Office Foreign Pakistan international the to support of commitment Pakistan's that reporters information of parameters three the to restricted is coalition .support logistical and airspace of use sharing, any meet to given be will facilities logistical that clarified He .situation contingency proposal any consider would Pakistan said he question a To .Zaeef Salam Abdul Mullah envoy, Taliban the by Kandahar from brought contacted yet not has envoy the that out pointed however, He, .Government Pakistan King Afghan former the by sent delegation the said spokesman The various on views of exchange for Afghans various meeting is Shah Zahir Pakistan that questioner a told He .situation current the of aspects not must Afghanistan in operation the that emphasize to continue would for sufferings avoid to manner a in undertaken be should and prolong .civilians the as Pakistan by taken position the appreciated has Germany said He .terrorism against coalition the of part had who Fischer, Yoschka Minister Foreign German The in Sattar Abdul Minister, Foreign the with discussions detailed expressed also Afghanistan, in situation latest the on today Islamabad .Pakistan with solidarity that assured also Minister Foreign German the said spokesman The between cooperation bilateral of normalisation full now was there their focused mainly sides two the said He .Germany and Pakistan in Government broad-based a of prospects the on discussions .Afghanistan his of sensitivity the underscored Minister Foreign German refugees of problem enormous the for Union European the and country Pakistan help to EU the of commitment reiterated He .Pakistan by faced .refugees of number increasing of challenge this meet will Schrouder Gerhard Chancellor, German the said spokesman The India visit also will He .month this of 28th on Pakistan visiting be foreign by Pakistan to visits said spokesman The .China and President by taken decision right the of reaffirmation are dignitaries .circumstances the in Musharraf and President Pakistan between meeting of possibility about Asked has decision no said spokesman the York, New in Minister Prime Indian said He .York New to President the of visit the for taken been yet from place taking be will Assembly General UN the in debate general .month next of 16th to 10th TK/MMZ/JB End