Oct 19, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Spokesman :government Afghan broad-based supports Pakistan of idea the supporting been has Pakistan - IRNA 18, Oct Islamabad, OIC and UN of context the within Afghanistan in government broad-based .Thursday said spokesman Office Foreign resolutions, in out carried being operations military the regards As" Americans the and expectation and desire Pakistan's is it Afghanistan, is body no as possible as short as be should it that believe also ."it prolonging in interested Afghan the against directed not are operations these said He the whom, justice to people those bring to is purpose the but people .11 September of acts the for responsible consider Americans must supplies relief that emphasised spokesman the question, a To prevent and people displaced the help to Afghanistan inside continue .Pakistan entering from them are forces armed Pakistan's the that said spokesman The which ,(LoC) Control of Line the along restraint maximum maintaining light of reports despite Kashmir, in Indian and Pakistan divides been has situation the said He .side Indian the from fire gun machine .calm less or more going shelling heavy of India from emanating reports to Referring .out coming are statements these why to as wondered spokesman the on, the up cover to wanted Delhi New that be could reason one said He LoC to close troops of movement following suffered it embarrassment .boundary working and other any is there if that clear it made however spokesman The any meet to prepared fully are forces armed Pakistan design, Indian itself defend to prepared fully is Pakistan said He .contingency .aggression any against of Secretary US the said Khan Muhammad Riaz question, a To very had leadership Pakistani with talks his during Powell Colin State and de-escalation wanted US that impression the conveyed clearly .India and Pakistan between tension of reduction with tension of de-escalation of favour in is Pakistan said He but Pakistan of attitude the be just not will it said he But .India to agree later than sooner will Delhi New that hoped and well as India so Kashmir of issue core the address to dialogue of resumption the each with relationship free tension a have can countries two the that emphasised He .region the and nations two the of interest the in other .war preach never will Pakistan that is Kashmir that Powel Colin Secretary by statement the regards As said spokesman the India, and Pakistan between relations to central and conflict of heart the at is it that maintained always has Pakistan this address to need is There .countries two the between tension .meaningfully issue longstanding asking statement Minister's Foreign Indian on comment to Asked said he Delhi, New to terrorist called he what over hand to Pakistan sinister of part but facts on based be to appear not does this malign to Pakistan against propaganda make to India by campaign .it been has and terrorism opposed always has Pakistan said He the In .terrorism against fight the in internationally cooperating various by requested persons specific over handed had Islamabad past .States United the and East Middle of governments pouring not was Pakistan that stated categorically spokesman The is struggle Kashmir the said He .Kashmir occupied in militants any in and martyred been have Kashmiris thousand eighty than more indigenous, .that of proof ample is them on flowers and graveyards the allowing not was India that out pointed he hand, other the On being atrocities the themselves for see to organisations international .civilians innocent the on forces occupation by committed the that happy is Pakistan said spokesman the question another To economic in concerns Pakistani to sensitive been has States United to bill the passed has congress The .sanctions all lifted and areas normal President the of approval the with and sanctions remaining lift fully be will countries two the between relationship economic .restored TK/MMZ/JB End