Oct 19, 2001, 12:01 AM
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shifted Qatar in venue if meeting, WTO host to willing Singapore World the that up hots speculation As -- IRNA 19, Oct Lumpur, Kuala be will month next meeting ministerial (WTO's) Organisation's Trade it that reiterated Singapore Gulf, Persian the in Qatar from shifted .Friday on said report a host, as in fill could director-general WTO said Yeo George Minister Industry and Trade it whether ask to ago weeks few a Singapore approached had Moore Mike an was there that event the in" venue last-minute a become could .Newsasia Channel station, TV Singapore to according "emergency, tyres spare other hoped and tyre spare a be to agreed Singapore" where Shanghai, in newsmen Singapore's told Yeo "available, be would Cooperation Economic Pacific Asia the of meeting a attending is he .forum ".used be won't tyre spare our hope to continue We" :added he But sites alternative possible as emerged have Geneva and Singapore in security about worries heightened amid meeting WTO month's next for .East Middle the intensified yesterday WTO Geneva-based the of states Member 13 to 9 Nov the of transfer possible a for discussions informal to Qatar, of Emirate Gulf Persian the of capital Doha, from gathering .venue new a indicated had which Qatar, from word no was there Meanwhile, the hosting with ahead go to whether decide would it that earlier .meeting Pascal Commissioner Trade Union European Thursday, on Earlier .intensified had venue new a for search the that Paris in said Lamy capital, Qatari the Doha, that see can map the at looks Whoever" .hot become could that region lukewarm a in is bringing of idea the cases, such in that logical is It" need precautions certain means people thousand five or four together ".taken be to no was there that maintain to continued however, officials, WTO .venue in change to needed be would states member 142 WTO's of all of Approval .location the change BN/JB End