Oct 19, 2001, 12:01 AM
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/POL/ Zarif-Belgium-Meeting fight anti-terrorism discuss deputy FM Belgium's Zarif, Iran's (name official's Belgian the correct to :REPETITION) Legal the for Minister Foreign Deputy Iran's -- IRNA 19, Oct Tehran, Belgian his and Zarif Javad Mohammad Affairs International and new explored Friday Brussels in meeting a in Boch De Jan counterpart and regional the on cooperation bilateral the expanding of ways .issues international in crisis the with deal to cooperation bilateral Developing global the countering of ways effective out finding and Afghanistan two the by discussed topics major the among were terrorism of problem .sides and region the in role strategic Iran's to referred Bouh De determined is states, European other like country, his that stressed .Iran with cooperation promote to the shoulders currently country whose official Belgian The countries EU the said (EU) Union European the of presidency rotating trade and economic the in Iran with agreements ink to interested are .domains and effective comprehensive, a of adoption for called He EU's the expressed and terrorism counter to strategy long-range .Afghanistan to aid humanitarian dispatch to readiness an be would relations EU-Iran the of promotion the said Zarif .sides both of interests the guaranteeing toward stride important action military the of continuation the over concerns expressed He the on attacks .S.U the in halt a for called and Afghanistan against .country war-ruined the by led be should terrorism counter to action any said Zarif based broad- a of establishment the for called He .Nations United .Afghanistan in government Towers Twin the against attacks suicide the condemned swiftly Iran to coalition -led.S.U a in part take not would it said but York New in Afghanistan against action military the says Iran .Afghanistan attack way appropriate an not is civilians Afghan the of lives claims which .terrorism counter to the to assistance provides but policies Taliban the condemns Iran to move and Afghanistan in domiciles their leave who civilians Afghan large a to home is Iran .attacks .S.U the of fear for places safe to community international the encourage and refugees Afghan of number .Afghans the to aid humanitarian provide HB/JB End 31:16 irna:: انتهای پیام F27.16-31-11