Oct 19, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Advani :Kashmir and Jammu in legitimate terrorists of pursuit Hot hot considering not is Government IRNA-Indian 19, Oct Delhi, New in terrorism cross-border against fight its in terrorists of pursuit accordance in "legitimate" was it although (J&K) Kashmir and Jammu .Friday said Advani .K.L Minister Home law, international the with locate terrorists, pursue to "policy pro-active" the However, conference press a told Advani continue, will them eliminate and them on live telecast was which here Club Correspondents' Foreign the at .TV News Star fight to community world the and US the asked also Advani nations those that ensure to order in "entirety its in" terrorism training allowing and hijackers and terrorists to haven safe providing .of care taken also were soil their on exist to camps about community world the warning been had India that Stating to this saying not was he said Advani time, long a for menace the ".point debating a score" religiously this by India as much as suffered has country No" terrorists the that adding said, he "terrorism, irreligious masked their for religion of name the in justification seeking" were ".acts irreligious the in strikes terror 11 September the said Minister Home India's is nation no" this, In .war of act an as terrorism "redefined" had US ".target potential a is nation every but aggressor, an global the of phase initial the of success the said Advani Delhi New and interest India's in was terrorism against campaign ".it supports unequivocally and fully" security of success the said he J&K, in terrorism border cross On has state the in terrorists eliminating and identifying in forces more infiltrate to keenness is there Therefore," ."remarkable" been the along firing heightened to led has which "state the into people .Pakistan with (IB) Border International the and (LoC) Control of Line ND/JB End