Oct 19, 2001, 12:01 AM
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800,000 than more Malaysia in workers Foreign foreign registered of number The -- IRNA 19, Oct Lumpur, Kuala at as workers 810,692 to percent 6.10 by increased Malaysia in workers or percent 5.38 with 2000, in 732,588 with compared 2001, end-June according sector, manufacturing the in employed workers of 311,785 .report economic ministry finance Malaysia's 2001/2000 the increased sector agriculture the in workers foreign Similarly, construction the in while (175,834:2000) 204,814 to percent 4.16 by .(65,891:2000) 68,355 to percent 7.3 by sector, for accounted Indonesia that highlighted report economic The Bangladesh by followed workers, forein 598,900 with number largest the 42,297 and (6,538) Thailand ,(15,323) Philippines the ,(147,637) .countries other from workers first the in 12,705 only workers, foreign of recruitment the On .workers skilled were 2001 of months six workers foreign skilled of number largest the recorded India total, the of percent 5.19 or workers 2,489 totalling approved, 1.8 or 1,007) China and (percent 4.12 or 1,537) Japan by followed .(percent the for accounted directors groups, occupational of terms In managers by followed ,(1,269) workers foreign of number largest .(967) engineers and (1,237) BN/JB