Oct 19, 2001, 12:01 AM
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percent 4.10 up 2002, for billion 26.dlrs allocates Malaysia proposed has government Malaysian The -- IRNA 19, Oct Lumpur, Kuala an budget, 2002 the for (45.US$26) billion 52.RM100 of allocation an cushion to acts it as year previous the over percent 4.10 of increase .downturn global a from economy its .budget deficit a be will it year, consecutive fifth the for And proposed total the of out said Mohamad Mahathir Minister Prime expenditure operating for is (billion 6.US$17) billion 98.RM66 budget, .expenditure development for is ( billion 83.US$8) billion 54.RM33 and billion 4.RM73 of estimates revenue the account into Taking" is account government federal overall the ,(billion 32.US$19) 6.RM18 to amounting GDP, of percent 5 of deficit a record to estimated Finance also is who Mahathir, "2002, in (billion 89.US$4) billion . said Minister operating the from (billion 77.US$8) billion 33.RM33 said He .obligations payment fixed and grants for allocated is expenditure of payment charges, debt-service included said, he This, .funds statutory to contributors and gratuities and pensions 11.RM13 added, he expenditure, development total proposed the Of economic the to allocated is percent 1.39 or (45billion.US$3) billion infrastructure, agriculture, development, rural including sector, .projects supply water and electricity rural industrial, percent 4.36 or (billion US$3,2) billion 21.RM12 of amount An" and education for is, that sector, social the to allocated is as well as development community and welfare health, training, .premier the said "sports, and youth for projects is percent 9.9 or (million US$870) billion 31.RM3 addition, In (billion 66.US$7) billion 1.RM29 and sector security the for allocated and sector administration general the for allocated is percent 7.8 or for is percent 9.5 or (million US$530) billion RM2 of balance the .added he reserve, contingencies budget in goodies of bag mixed a revealed also Friday Mahathir .Parliament in tabled 2002 Malaysians' boosted that 2002 Budget tabled Minister Prime The pay and bonuses giving and tax income personal reducing - bottomline .servants civil to hikes The .cent per two and one between reduced be will tax Income .percent 28 to cut is percent 29 of tax income maximum present budget the of surprise pleasant most the reserved Mahathir But, .subordinates his for a to amounting bonus a earn will servants civil 850,000 About .(US$263) RM1,000 of minimum a or salary half-month salary percent 10 a get will servants civil the that, of top On .year next for increase "hands, changes it if wealth generate only will Money" earn will services and goods of Suppliers" that adding said, Mahathir the through will consumers the while transaction, each from profits ".money their of value the realise goods, of value - aren't motorists breaks, tax the at cheer Malaysians While diesel and petrol for hike (cents US 3) sen 10 a announced Mahathir .Saturday on beginning prices subsidies (billion 16.US$1) billion 4.RM4 the reduce to is This .provides government the .again...groan will respite a get would they think who Smokers Minister Prime the after fags their for more pay to have will They per (84.US$56) RM216 to it hiking cigarettes, on duty import out meted (37.US$47) RM180 from kg RM40 from kg per (63.US$12) RM48 to up also is duty excise The .(53.US$10) public poor the on increase the justified non-smoker, a Mahathir, children school among especially smoking, of hazards the on awareness .increasing be to seemed population smoking whose in percent 5 to 4 at grow to forecast is economy Malaysian in expansion further a and manufacturing in recovery a by led 2002, .services meagre a after cent per 5.6 expand to expected is Manufacturing 1.2 contribute will expansion This .year this growth percent 2.0 next growth (GDP) product domestic gross real the to points percentage .year government the demand, electronics global in recovery the Besides US in increase the by manufacturing electronics local in boost a sees 11 September the following gadgets high-tech in spending military .attacks expected then is manufacturing in growth forecasted this turn, In .sector services the boost to compared as 2002, in cent per 3.5 grow to expected are Services .year this estimate percent 4.4 to in growth pump-prime also will manufacturing in recovery The transport, water, and gas electricity, as such sub-sectors other .telecommunication and storage BN/JB End