Oct 19, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Indonesia in protest .S.anti-U stage Thousands of supporters thousand one than More -- IRNA 19, Oct Lumpur, Kuala in rally a staged (PK) Party Justice Islamic-based Indonesia's the official the afternoon, Friday on Jakarta in Embassy .S.U the of front .reported Agency News Antara the to way their marched robes, white in clad protesters, The prayers, Friday performing after mosque grand Istiqlal from embassy .said reports allies its and government States United the demanded group The President Vice after shortly Afghanistan on strikes military end not Jakarta in Muslims to warning strong a issued had Haz Hamzah political and economic bad fearing demonstrations, stage to .Indonesia for implications United the to march to were protesters the that reported Antara Central in circle traffic Indonesia Hotel the and office Nation's .Jakarta still was group the Friday, on (time Indonesia) .m.p 15:3 of As had protesters some and Embassy .S.U the of front in speeches making Embassy, British the near circle traffic Indonesia Hotel the reached .guarded tightly was which National of areas nearby the affected congestion traffic Heavy .roads connecting and (Monas) Monument slogans shouted and songs Islamic chanted protesters The the America, Zionist" ,"alone Afghanistan Leave" .America condemning the by repeated cries the of some were "Terrorists of Mother .protesters Rahmah Baitul of inauguration the during -- Friday on Earlier -- Jakarta East Cawang, in Center Education Muhammadiyah and Mosque protests, .S.anti-U stage to not people the to appealed Hamzah government's the to damaging and counterproductive them calling .economy debt-ridden country's the restore to efforts BN/BH/AR End