Oct 19, 2001, 12:01 AM
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in arrival after president Tajik with talks holds Kharrazi Dushanbe Kharrazi, Kamal Minister Foreign Iran's -- IRNA 19, Oct Dushanbe, and met delegation, a of head the at Friday on here in arrived who regional ongoing the Rakhmonov Emomali President Tajik with discussed .crisis Afghan the and developments President Iranian the of regards warm the conveyed Kharrazi Afghan the called and counterpart Tajik his to Khatami Mohammad ".countries neighboring the of concern gravest the" as crisis developments ongoing the of sensitivity the to pointed Rakhmonov the by Afghanistan on stance unanimous a for need the reiterated and .countries neighboring is Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan to visit one-day a on Kharrazi, .counterpart Tajik his with talks hold to scheduled also Ashkhabad to travel will minister Iranian the day, the in Later .minister foreign and president Turkmen the with talks hold to the of examination" cited Kharrazi Tehran, in IRNA to Talking as well as situation Afghan current the and developments regional .trip the of objectives the as "ties bilateral of examination the as well as region the in developments recent the of view In" the Afghanistan, with Turkmenistan and Tajikistan of neighborhood .said he "before, than more felt is thoughts of exchange an for need Afghanistan with borders common has countries three the of Each bin Osama sheltering for attacks -led.S.U the under come has which American on attack terror 11 September the in suspect key the Laden, .centers defense and trade attacks, terror the condemn to swift was Republic Islamic The since Afghanistan, on strikes -led.S.U the denounced also has but .well as civilians targeted they against campaign international an for called has Iran,instead, .Nations United the of leadership the under terrorism BH/AR End