Oct 18, 2001, 12:01 AM
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24th Oct on scenario post-Taliban discuss to groups Afghan of Front Islamic National the of Head - IRNA 18, Oct Islamabad, Afghan seven the of one Gailani, Ahmad Seyed Pir (NIFA) Afghanistan in groups Afghan of number a of meeting a called has leaders Mujahid .Thursday said sources Afghan ,(Wednesday) 24th October on Peshawar, the Shah, Zahir Mohammad for support his for known Gailani, Pir national about bring to coalition new a create to hopes king, former expected are members coalition prospective The .Afghanistan in unity factions mujahidin Afghan the of some of representatives include to .king former the of representative a with along 1980s, the from of representative Arsala, Amin Hidayat of Islamabad in arrival The that speculation strengthened has meeting, the of ahead king, the new a support to ready stands now king, the to averse once Pakistan, Sattar, Abdul with Monday on meeting a In .him by led be to government a that said have to believed is Arsala minister, foreign Pakistan's in interests Pakistan's protect would government Afghan future .Afghanistan seeking is Gailani Pir NIFA, in sources to according Additionally, within moderates to reference a - "Taliban good" the of support the Mullah from away break to prepared be would who regime Taliban the hardline his for known leader Taliban reclusive the Omar, Mohammad .professions most in engaging from women prohibiting as such policies, is monarchy Afghanistan's restore to initiative latest This stable a of establishment the in interest the by driven primarily destruction of years from country the rescuing of capable government .uncertainty continuing and of rounds frequent triggered has which uncertainty this is It has It .power seize to struggling groups Afghan rival between fighting the over donors of part the on concern of centre the at been also wake the in waste to going assistance economic large-scale of prospect .rifts political of security improved need will agencies relief and Humanitarian in operations large-scale launch to prerequisite first a as conditions stable A .winter of onset the of ahead especially Afghanistan, by headed and Afghans of section cross a representing government towards step first a as supporters his by proposed is king former the put to efforts by followed country, the in order internal establishing .order re-establish to force police and army national a place in former the back to effort the between correlation apparent The conditions humanitarian appalling the and hand one the on king country's the by reinforced is other, the on Afghanistan in obtaining .conditions economic adverse average an with ,(UNDP) Programme Development UN the to According cent per 26 about of rate mortality a and 40 about of expectancy life most world's the of one is Afghanistan five, under children for a have seven only countries, 187 world's the Of .countries destitute .Afghanistan's than lower expectancy life TK/MMZ/HR End