Oct 18, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Press Thursday's in headlines making news Economic stories news economic major are Following -- IRNA 18, Oct Tehran, :Thursday on dailies Iranian in highlighted were which :1-ABRAR stability market oil seek Arabia .S +Iran, and Iran that Wednesday said Zanganeh Namdar Bijan Minister Oil oil the in stability for need the on stances common share Arabia Saudi .market - - - - Tehran in held be to seminar electricity +International 16th the said Hojjat Masood Organization Tavanir of head Deputy from Tehran in held be to is Seminar Electricity International .22-24 October - - - - :2-ENTEKHAB unrealistic rate forex in change any says governor +CBI said Nourbakhsh Mohsen (CBI) Iran of Bank Central the of Governor rates exchange foreign defines budget government's that Wednesday here .unrealistic be will rate forex in change any thus and - - - - :3-NOROUZ Crown Arabia's .S to delivered message Khatami's +President Prince latest the concerning Khatami Muhammad President from message A Saudi to delivered was Wednesday on here market oil in developments .Abdullah Prince Crown Arabia's - - - - :4-JAVAN road and car man, of exhibition international 1st host to +Tehran is Road and Car Man, of Exhibition International First The .12-16 November from Tehran in held be to to - - - - :YAZD 5-AFTAB-E Gilan in Organization Jihad Agricultural the of General Director of city capital the Rasht, in said Taherzadeh Mohammad-Reza Province foodstuff of kinds different of percent 20 about that Province, Gilan .daily wasted is people million 10 than more for food the is that - - - - :6-KAR-O-KARGAR important most Employment, :Hosseini Safdar Minister +Labor country the facing challenge said has Hosseini Safdar Minister Affairs Social and Labor preparation and force work for support opportunities, job increasing of policies main the among are labors for facilities welfare more of .years four next the in Ministry Affairs Social and Labor - - - - 7-TOSE'E be to goods of export through losses suffering +Exporters subsidies with provided session, council high exports non-oil its in Office Presidential adopt to decided Khatami, Mohammad President by over presided non-oil the in investment encourage and security guarantee to measures .sector exports - - - - :8-IRAN dlrs than more reach to value exports commodity non-oil +Iran's year this billion 2.4 and Servicing for Center Promotion Export the of Head Deputy that Wednesday on reporters told Soltani Hossein affairs Marketing schedule on based goods worth billion 27.4 dlrs export should Iran been far so has figure the of billion 1.2 dlrs said Soltani .year this .year Iranian new the of start marking 21, March since met - - - - :9-MELLAT industries food in competition help to +Privatization packaging Iran's at department control quality the of Head private Parsian of board directors the of members told industries will and banks private of activities supports government that bank the in regulations of enforcement in discrimination any show not .banks state and private - - - - :ROUZ 11-SIASAT-E Supervisory OPEC the before views exchange OPEC and +Iran meeting committee on Riyadh in arrived Zanganeh Namdar Bijan Minister Oil Iranian Ali counterpart Saudi his by airport the at received was and Wednesday .al-Naimi a deliver would he that arrival his upon IRNA told Zanganeh and Abdullah Prince Crown to Khatami Mohammad President from message help to measures on minister oil Saudi with consultations hold would .market oil the in stability restore - - - - :12-RESALAT Complex Steel Khouzestan at production steel in rise +Record the to affiliated Company, Steel Khouzestan the of production Total year Iranian current the of half first the during Plant, Steel Ahvaz managing company's the tons, 830,000 reached (21 March started) .Tuesday on here said director - - - - :NOW 13-HAYAT-E exports Iran's in share percent 20 has sector +Cooperatives Ramezani Mohammad Chamber Cooperatives the of Secretary-General are Iran of exports non-oil all of one-fifth that Sunday here said .cooperatives by handled - - - - :14-QODS figure real than higher times 40 deficit budget +Iran's and Management the at department Economy Macro the of head Deputy in deficit budget announced the denied (MPO) Organization Planning is billion 40,000 rls said and billion, 1,245 rls of economy Iran's .figure correct the - - - - :ESLAMI 15-JOMHOURI further fall to price +Oil OPEC forthcoming a despite again fall to is oil of price The Brent of barrel Each .demand in decrease prevent to aimed meeting oil London the on cents 30 by down 42,.21 dlrs at sold was Oil Crude .market - - - - :16-ETTELA'AT export commodities' non-oil of expansion for facilities +New President by over presided session, council export non-oil high The non-oil of promotion for facilities new ratified Khatami Mohammad .exports commodities' - - - - :NEWS 17-IRAN Sea Caspian on measures joint for calls official +Russian Victor affairs, Caspian the for minister foreign deputy Russia's the of issues the that yesterday Ashkhabad in reiterated Kalyuzhny, be should regime, legal its of compilation the including sea, Caspian .states littoral the of measures joint the through resolved only - - - - :TIMES 18-TEHRAN fish sturgeon endangers Sea Caspian from oil +Extracting entitled article an in Tuesday on Newspaper Gazeta Nezavismaya reservoirs'' caviar endangers Sea Caspian from oil ``Extracting Caspian the is fish sturgeon for place ultimate the today that wrote .it into pour which rivers the and Sea BG/HM End