Oct 18, 2001, 12:01 AM
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equity of m 152 dlrs raise planes, new 17 buy to Qantas Qantas carrier flag Australian -- Pulse Asia - IRNA 18, Oct Sydney, new 17 purchase would it Thursday on said (QAN:ASX) Ltd Airways ordinary in (million 76.152 dlrs) million $A300 raise and aircraft .equity range, long generation, new 15 buy would it that said Qantas a of part as aircraft regional 8 Dash two and aircraft body narrow .operations domestic its of revamp comprehensive global a through equity of million A$300 raise also would It .institutions foreign and domestic to placement bookbuild would aircraft new the said Dixon Geoff executive chief Qantas the enhance and capacity additional permanent provide to Qantas allow regional to including Australia, in travel for services of range .destinations and A320s Airbus or 737-800s Boeing either be will aircraft The 5.$A1 of order the in be will acquisition the of cost total the .costs start-up including ,(million 8.763 dlrs) billion Qantas aircraft new the of acquisition the fund partly to order In .equity new in million A$300 raise will to able be will shareholders Qantas eligible all addition, In a through shares of worth (6.1,527 dlrs) $A3,000 to up purchase issued shares the as price same the at plan Purchase Share special .placement the under Qantas allows plan the said Jackson Margaret chairman Qantas as price same the at raising equity the in participate to shareholders .charges any incurring without and institutions in out set be would Plan Purchase Share the of details said She following shareholders to sent shortly be will that documentation .placement the of completion be will aircraft the purchase to needed funds of balance The .said Qantas debt, and flows cash operating through sourced Airbus with held been have aircraft buy to negotiations said Dixon on decision a be will there and weeks three past the over Boeing and .week next type aircraft the two with January, in delivered be will aircraft two first The .that after month each delivered aircraft between Qantas give will strategy fleet new and aircraft new The domestic Australian the in capacity the of percent 70 and percent 65 .market irrevocably and fundamentally changed has market domestic The" the meet to us enable will strategy new our and year past the over the reducing way no in while flexibity on focus customer increasing .said Dixon Mr "service, or product Qantas the of quality market domestic the of percent 85 about have we Currently," Federal the of request the at quickly, moved have we because place in put to authorities, tourism and governments state Government, Ansett stranded of thousands of hundreds help to measures term short .industry tourism Australian the and travellers other customers, these discontinue gradually will we previously, said have we As" carriers other and Blue Virgin as services and arrangements interim ".grow a deliver to expected airline the that said Jackson Ms Meanwhile, previous the with line in year financial current the in profit pre-tax .year annual the at shareholders to delivered be to address an In to difficult was it warned also Jackson Ms today later meeting general recent after year financial current the for profitability forecast .events world in both occurred have which events recent significant The" for profitability forecast to difficult it make overseas and Australia .said she "year, current the deliver to expect we changes policy accounting excluding Overall" ".year previous the with line in result tax before profit a and company "robust and disciplined" a as Qantas described She cost out seek to continue will management and board the that and legistalive greater and scale of economies efficiencies, .freedoms regulatory domestic our expand to order in capital raise to desire Our" Ms "operation, domestic our in have we confidence the shows network .said Jackson minimise to operations managing actively is Qantas Internationally" reiterated also Jackson Ms ".conditions market current of impact the as Qantas in investment foreign on restriction the for call her greater airline the give to lifted be Act Sale Qantas the in outlined .flexibility critical a is flexibility environment aviation new the In" capacity our hindering restriction major a has Qantas and requirement .said she "perform, to external challenging extremely" an faces Qantas said Jackson Ms .years coming the in "environment will economy global slowing the and 11 September of impact The" .said she "yields, international on pressure serious very put Australian and improve not may weakness dollar's Australian The" ".highs historical near at remain may prices fuel dollar MM/HM End