Oct 18, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Ramallah Jenin, through rampage army Occupation two attacked troops occupation Israeli -- IRNA 18, Oct Al-Khalil, civilians, of scores wounding and killing Thursday, towns Palestinian .children and women including significant overran vehicles armored and tanks Israeli of Scores in ostensibly morning, Thursday early Ramallah and Jenin of parts leader, terrorist Jewish a of killing targeted the for retaliation .Wednesday on Ze'evi Rahba'am advanced tanks Israeli 10 as many as said sources Palestinian indiscriminately Jenin, of suburbs southern and northern the into .homes civilian shelling and died girl school 12-year-old a sources, hospital to According .shelling the in mutilated was body her .seriously some injured, reported were people more Ten Israeli Bank, West the of region central the in Ramallah, In killing fire, gun machine heavy with areas civilian strafed anks prompting others, many injuring and Palestinian one least at and hospitals all in emergency of state a declare to PA the .enclaves autonomous Palestinian the throughout centers medical latest the described Rabbo Abed Yasser official Palestinian assassination the to unlinked aggression naked" a as attacks Israeli ".Ze'evi of maiming and killing on hell-bent is government This" efforts genuine make must community world the Palestinians, "generals, his and Sharon of part the on madness wanton this stop to .Ramallah in reporters told Rabbo Abed by US, the imitate to sought government Sharon the Earlier, to ultimatum an issuing and home stay to members Knesset all ordering the for responsible persons or person the over hand to Arafat Yasser deportation the advocating leader terrorist a Ze'evi, of assassination .Palestine from non-Jews all of a himself Sharon, Ariel Minister Prime Zionist the Moreover, by used terms same the virtually used criminal, war certified .disaster WTC the after Bush George President in now era new a is there and changed, has time" said Sharon KA/NK/KS ".terrorism fighting End