Oct 18, 2001, 12:01 AM
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envoy Taliban :civilians 400 kill strikes American said Thursday Taliban ruling Afghanistan - IRNA 18, Oct Islamabad, on attacks American the in killed been have civilians 400 that the targeting intentionally are Americans the saying Afghanistan, .civilians committing is America terrorism, fighting of cover the Under" by martyred been have people 400 than more far So .terrorism state a in said Zaeef Salam Abdul Mulla envoy Taliban ,"raids air American .statement between place a from saying as evoy the quoted statement The have raids air American the that Afghanistan in Herat and Helmand .casualties civilian heavy caused on Calling .medicine and food of shortage is there said Zaeef that said he basis, emergency on relief and medicine send to NOG's of shortage the of because day every dying are people innocent .medicines Kandahar, in increasing are raids air that said statement The 12 and martyred civilians 5 least at tht adding Jalalabad, and Kabul .Thursday on Kandahar in bombardment American heavy by injured were city Kandahar of area surrounding in erupted fire say reports Other" ."raids air the following of Reports" .Jalalabad attacked also planes American said He was Darunta that say reports Other ."yet reached not have casualties .received been has damage of report No .planes American by targeted utility public a is it installation, military a not is Darunta common face could damage Its .city Jalalabad to electricity supplying .problems with citizens targeting its of justification false giving is Pentagon said Zaeef hit were civilians the that is claims false these of One" .civilians civilian The .claim ridiculous a is This .explosions secondary by ."installations military near not are planes American by hit sites American by hit been has people, the with packed bus, a said He .Kabul in depot ICRC an besides planes TK/MMZ/HM End