Oct 18, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Afghans million six to deliveries food more send to WFP of Director Executive the Bertini, Catherine -- IRNA 18, Oct Tehran, hard working was agency the Thursday on said Program Food World the identified people million six the feed to deliveries food increase to .Afghanistan in need in desperately most the being as metric 52,000 estimated an that conference press a told Bertini said She .Afghanistan in hungry the feed to needed were month per tons 200 from up day a tons metric 900 about delivering currently was WFP the that confidence expressed and crisis the after just tons metric .increased significantly be could deliveries if tons 16,000 about deliver to expect we days ten next the ``In can we then this, sustain can we ``If .said Bertini well,'' goes all enough have and tons 52,000 of goal monthly our to close fairly come guaranteed, is nothing But .Afghanistan in hungriest the feed to food a at looking be could we then impediments serious are there if and .catastrophe humanitarian of worsening a include goal that reach to challenges the of Some rural in trucking commercial of lack continued a conditions, security communication internal effective of lack the country, the inside areas distribution and monitoring functioning fully a of lack the and staff WFP local and (NGOs) Organizations Non-Governmental by capacity to have would WFP that said she well, As .distribution food oversee to into deliver to used currently routes transport of number the increase .Afghanistan days, ten next the in delivered be to tons 16,000 roughly the Of to Mts 1,600 including Afghanistan northern for intended is 8,700 remainder The .1 September since delivery first the - Mazar-i-Sharif .Khaq Sia and Kabul for planned is Highlands Central the in situation the is concern particular Of cut be to expected is families 100,000 about to access road where 30,000 about estimated is It .begin snows the when mid-November by off winter the through them sustain to distributed be to have will MTs airlift and airdrop to plans contingency up drawing is WFP .months are deliveries overland event the in period this during them to food .insufficient for States United the thanked Bertini conference, news the During 5.38 dlrs additional an pledged it which in Tuesday announcement its has WFP .Afghanistan to assistance humanitarian for WFP to million and hungry the feed to million 257 Dlrs of total a for appealed emergency WFP the to donors major Other .support logistical provide million, 8.3 dlrs Germany million, 2.1 dlrs Denmark :include appeal (private) Japan million, two dlrs Japan 400,000, dlrs dlrs Ireland Switzerland 500,000, dlrs Spain 455,000, dlrs Luxembourg 25,000, dlrs million, 5.2 dlrs USA million, 4.4 dlrs Kingdom United 621,000, dlrs .7,000 dlrs WFP of Friends USA Bertini vital,'' is community donor the of support financial ``The it average On .timely be support this that critical it's ``But .said when to contribution a receive we time the between months three takes contributions additional Immediate .distributed actually is food the provide to and locally food purchase to order in well, as critical are and transport deliveries, regional for support logistical for ''.equipment communications against fight the in agency front-line Nations' United the is WFP 83 in people million 83 than more fed WFP 2000, In .hunger global internally and refugees world's the of most including countries .people displaced BG/HM End