Oct 18, 2001, 12:01 AM
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paper :cooperation of offer Shah's Zahir down turns head ANLF Jabha-i the of head Mojadedi, Sibghatullah -- IRNA 18, Oct Tehran, Front Liberation National [Afghanistan Afghanistan, Najat-i-Milli Zahir Mohammad monarch Afghan former met recently he that said ](ANLF) telephone a in cooperation, of offer his down turned and Rome in Shah .Thursday on published News' `Iran with interview former the asked he said, he role, Shah's Zahir specifying Without .government the in actively participate instead to monarch since advice offer to willing was he said Mojadedi part, his On a play to him asked commanders and theologians compatriots, Afghan his his said, he However, .nation his of future the in role prominent .engagements such undertaking from him prevents strength failing but him, contacted had Taliban the that reports recent denied He .S.U the to prior him telephoned had ministers Taliban some that said .attacks they otherwise advice, my take not did they" said, he However, spared been have would and predicament present their in be not would ".attacks the minister, prominent a Motaqi, Mohammad Mir Mojadedi, to According those among were minister defense the and information of minster the .him contacted who Hikmatyar, Gulbuddin with contacts no had he that emphasized He .Party Islamic the of head strange the but broadcast, never were statements his that added He The .listeners astonished Shariat, Radio on aired were which reports authorities .S.U with contact no had he that regretted leader ANLF .suitable wasn't climate prevailing the that admitted he although asked and President .S.U the to written had he that said Mojadedi his on strikes military in population Afghan innocent the spare to him .Afghanistan in lives civilian of loss the regretted He .country tribal senior of assembly) Jirga Loya a that proposals Regarding gathering the that said he convened, be soon would (representatives accepted public the and past the in useful and instrumental been had .verdict their in exists government administrative stable no that regretted He countries regional although continues, unrest the and Afghanistan .Jirga Loya the of outcome the influence and help could in destruction the aggravated has interests foreign Unfortunately, .said he people, its of destitution the and Afghanistan Zahir with interests overlapping no was there that said Mojadedi and peace promote to able was who anyone welcomed he and Shah government broad-based legal, a establish and Afghans the for security .country the for in government popular a for prospects the hailed leader ANLF The country his to return to was ambition his that said He .Afghanistan .improved situation the once :adding said he Afghanistan, in developments to vital is Pakistan were and favorably issues the viewed Pakistan in brothers our If" be soon would issues all crisis, Afghan the solve to willing ".resolved on policy foreign its alter must Pakistan that stressed He and enclave the in vital is security that suggesting Afghanistan, .assured be should bin once Afghanistan, in troops .S.U of stationing the Regarding troops American the that said Mojadedi arrested, or killed is Laden .ordeal the survive wouldn't tolerate not do enclave the in people the that shown has History troops British and Russian both ousted they forces; invading foreign .added he past, the in at Mazar-i-Sharif of fall the that saying by concluded Mojadedi .imminent was Alliance Norther the of hands the FH/HM End