Oct 18, 2001, 12:01 AM
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competition recital Al-Koran for reps sending countries 34 among Iran Recital Al-Koran International 43rd The -- IRNA 17, Oct Lumpur, Kuala the see will 25-31 October within here be to is which Competition Koran female and male) qariahs 21 and qari 34 of participation .Iran including countries, 34 from (reciters 47 to compared as year this part taking were countries More" Prime the in Minister "year, last countries 31 from participants Zainal Hamid Abdul affairs, religious of incharge office, Minister's .Thursday on here conference news a told Abidin new as encouraging was competition the for response said He with along time this part taking also were Kyrgyzstan like countries their sending been not have which Tunisia and Bahrain Uganda, .time long a for representatives the for committee main the of chairman also is who Zainal, in winners for prizes cash in increase the announced also competition, to compared as (US$4,000) RM15,200 to categories qariah and qari the .competitions previous in (US$2,630) RM10,000 send to agreed 34 and countries 63 to extended was Invitation .added he reciters, their BN/HM End