Oct 18, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Vajpayee :issue core not is Kashmir told been has US Vajpayee Bihari Atal Minister Prime IRNA-India's 18, Oct Delhi, New "central" not was Kashmir that .S.U the to clear it made has he said of Trust Press said Pakistan, and Indian between relationship the to .(PTI) India Kashmir that agree not do we that told categorically" was Powell "views, his in amendment some made also has He...issue core a is Wednesday, on State of Secretary the with meeting a had who Vajpayee, .residence his at reporters told dialogue immediate an for proposal no was there that Maintaining the discuss to ready is India said Minister Prime the Pakistan, with not will but process dialogue composite the of part as issue Kashmir .PTI adds pre-condition, a as it accept relations our which without issue Kashmir to solution a want We" issue, the on talks for ready are We...improve not may Pakistan with .said Vajpayee "condition, a be cannot it but dialogue the continue to wanted India said Minister Prime The to down boil finally discussions all but" Pakistan with process ".Kashmir Pervez President) him invited then and Lahore to went We" him with discussion telephonic a had also I...Agra to (Musharraf .said he "Kashmir, to down come would he finally But .recently as .S.U the of "tilt pro-Pakistan" the on comment to Asked Taliban the against war its in help Islamabad's required Washington is there thorn, another remove can thorn if" said Vajpayee regime, away thrown are both that be should condition the But .wrong nothing ".later was Washington showed clearly now position .S.U the said He terrorism checking about concerns genuine India's about serious .worldwide BN/HM End