Oct 18, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Sinha :emerged has economy Indian for time difficult More said Sinha Yashwant Minister Finance IRNA-India's 18, Oct Delhi, New the following emerged has economy the for time difficult more a that were measure adequate and .S.U the in attacks terrorist 11 September .(PTI) India of Trust Press said situation, the tackle to taken being on said he here, conference Editors' Economic the Addressing and incident the before difficult already were things that Tuesday ".difficult more" become had it now the in slowdown the of aware was government the said however, He, the and prepared being was Budget Union the while even economy .PTI adds it, tackle to used was formula prescribed government's on rates interest of reduction included This in surcharges removing and taxes of lowering savings, contractual .demand up prop to order other depressed, had slowdown and enough not were these Though the said Sinha .added he situation, the tackle to used be would means institutions financial for policy "hands-on" a adopted has government their making for performance overall their monitoring closely is and .accountable directors of board and management day to day in interference mean not do I policy, on hands By" are, We .(IFCI and IDBI) Institutions Financial of functioning "performance, overall their screening and reviewing closely however, .said he decision a take would government the said Minister Finance India's par at them bringing for institutions financial by proposal a on soon .banking universal them allowing and banks with financial lead the said Sinha IFCI, at troubles to Referring its and lending of nature the to due trouble having was institution package bailout billion 10 Rs a after sector economy oil to exposure .there problems repayment no was there HD/HM End