Oct 18, 2001, 12:01 AM
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ties strikes, -led.S.U discuss Koizumi Musharaf, Pervez General President Pakistani -- IRNA 18, Oct Islamabad, telephone on Koizumi Junichiro Minister Prime Japan's and Musharraf economic bilateral and Afghanistan against war on-going discussed .Thursday said Pakistan Radio relations, taken stand principled and firm the appreciated Koizumi stated It assured he also, and terrorism against campaign vis-a-vis Pakistan by .Musharraf to support full his as matters international the length at discussed leaders the Both economic to reference particular with relations bilateral as well .said further Radio the field, Japanese the for highly spoke occasion, this on Musharraf hearted full and support financial recent particularly cooperation .noted it terrorism, against war on stance Pakistani to backing hope the expressed President the relations, excellent Mentioning .strengthened more be will these future in .S.U with talks held President the after immediately Tuesday, Late Abdullah Prince Crown Arabian Saudi Powell, Colin State of Secretary .him with talks telephonic held Aziz Abdul bin Kashmir and relations bilteral and strikes .S.U up took They .issue to Japan urged Musharraf that said also reports media Meanwhile, country his as waiver debt a including support, financial its boost on attacks .S.U following refugees of flood a with cope to struggles .Afghanistan with talks 30-minute a during request this made President The no made but backing continue to vowed who Minister, Prime Japanese .stated reports the loans, its waiving of mention leaders Afghanistan, on attacks of launching of backdrop the In their assured and Musharraf telephoned have world the across from .juncture critical this at Pakistan to support /MHA/MMZ/HM End