Oct 18, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA Tehran major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 18, Oct Tehran, :Thursday on dailies :ESLAMI --JOMHOURI and amnesty to agrees Revolution Islamic of Leader Supreme" "inmates 719 of sentences commuting Khamenei Ali Ayatollah Revolution Islamic the of Leader Supreme inmates 719 of sentences commuting and pardoning ordered decree a in holy of anniversary birthday the of occasion auspicious the on .(Him Upon Be Peace) Mohammad Hazrat Islam of Prophet :--IRAN "Afghanistan of future on state of Heads European to talks Iran" Foreign Taliban, substituting government on proposal Following Hubert counterpart French his with conferred Kharrazi Kamal Minister Javier chief Policy Foreign (EU) Union European the and Vedrine, of future on views exchange calls phone separate in Solana, .Afghanistan :--RESALAT "Afghanistan attack bombers fighter US 100" airstrikes for warplanes 100 than more used have forces .S.U The .Afghanistan against :--HAMSHAHRI of war prevent to try Abdullah and Chavez Khatami, President" "prices oil and strikes military .S.U the after fever in is market Oil oil OPEC the Even .Afghans on raids air .K.-U.S.U the of consequences in stability restore to successful bee not has too meeting ministers the to come now has Chavez Hugo President Venezuelan .market the each with cooperate should members non-OPEC and OPEC that conclusion dlrs by drop might prices else or prices of war prevent to other too Zanganeh Namdar Bijan Minister Oil Iran's .barrel each per five Prince Crown Saudi to message Khatami's Mohammad President submitted .regard this in Abdullah :--MELLAT "mayor impeach can you Now :councilors TCC tells Atrianfar" with meeting a attended yesterday Alviri Morteza Mayor Tehran's failed but questions their answer to members (TCC) Council City Tehran to turned then councilor, TCC a Atrianfar, Mohammad .them convince to not had they if Alviri impeach could they said and colleagues his .convincing justifications his found :--TOSE'E "down closed Congress US" the of closure ordered Wednesday on leaders congress .S.U The .S.U the of office the at cases exposure anthrax following congress the on results test positive and Daschle Tom Leader Majority Senate .cases :--HAMBASTEGI "Director Managing Hambastegi to deadline 15-day gives Court" Gholam-Heydar Hambastegi daily Farsi of Director Managing summoned had court public Tehran's of 1410 Bench the said Baysalami a him given had Mortazavi Saeed judge court the and Wednesday on him raised charges against defend to prepared get to deadline week two .him against :--QODS "Revolution Islamic the of Leader Supreme host to ready Isfahan" Khamenei Ali Ayatollah Revolution Islamic the of Leader Supreme .week next early Isfahan of city historical the visit to is :YAZD --AFTAB-E "Kandahar in deployed forces US" in started operations military .S.U the of phase second The were forces .S.U the as morning yesterday Afghanistan, Kandahar, .area the in deployed :--ENTEKHAB in interests national Iran's of protection on insists Khatami" "region the of board directors with meeting a in Khatami Mohammad President all among solidarity and cooperation stressed house parties the sensitive present under country the in active groups and parties .juncture :--ABRAR "stances its reconsider should Iran" recent into probing of charge in Majlis of Commission Special active and independent taking proposed has developments regional active taking of instead interests national with line in stances .region the in crisis recent the vis-a-vis stances neutral :--NOROUZ for slated case nationalist-religious the in accused for Trial" "11 November for hearing court the yesterday issued announcement an on Based mid held be to is cases nationalist-religious in accused those .November :NEWS --IRAN "cooperation of offer Shah's Zahir down turns Mojadedi" the Mojadedi, Sibghatullah Holland, from News Iran to Speaking National Afghanistan) Afghanistan Jabha-i-Najat-i-Milli the of head Shah Zahir Mohammad met recently he that said ,(ANLF) Front Liberation the of offer the down turned he that said leader ANLF The .Rome in to him asked but role his specify didn't who monarch former .government the in actively participate :TIMES --TEHRAN "forces US by detained crew Dhow's Iranian" the detained yesterday forces .S.U sources, informed to According told sources The .Oman of sea the in dhow fishing Iranian an of crew the of crew the interrogated and detained forces .S.U the that IRNA .them releasing before hours six for Dhow :INTERNATIONAL --KAYHAN our country, our understood not has still US :says Kharrazi .people the Wednesday on said Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign Iranian with ties improve to opportunity golden a missing was States United .Islam with problems its resolve to know-how Iranian use and Tehran BG/HM End