Oct 18, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Pradesh Andhra India's in lives 38 claims rains Torrential torrential induced cyclonic-storm in toll IRNA-The 18, Oct Delhi, New of State Indian Southern of parts several lashing been had that rains, said lives, 38 to risen has days, few past the for Pradesh Andhra .Thursday on India of Trust Press from missing reported persons more 23 trace to on were efforts The in today said sources official districts, Kunool and Cuddapah .Hyderabad districts Kurnool and Cuddapah Rayalaseema's worst-affected The were deaths five while respectively deaths nine and 16 for accounted accounted Anantpur and districts Chittor and Nellore in each reported rehabilitation and relief State of official senior a three, for .PTI told department washed feared persons, missing 23 trace to on also were Efforts in 14 and district Kurnool in Panyam near floods flash in away .said he district, Cuddapah several in waters gushing as normal now was situation the However, he receding, fast were districts five in rivers and streams swollen .swing full in also were works rehabilitation and relief adding said, the visited who Naidu, Chandrababu .N Minister Chief Meanwhile, senior a by inquiry an ordered has yesterday, areas flood-affected the district Cuddapah in that complaints the into official state for alert flood a sounding in 'negligent' was administration ordering abruptly before areas low-lying from people evacuating .project irrigation Buggavanka of gates four the all of lifting HD/HM End