Oct 18, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Thursday on newspapers Pakistani in Headlines major in appeared headlines Following -- IRNA 18, Oct Islamabad, .18 October on dailies Pakistani Dawn ....... Islamabad with talks of Powell assures Delhi * alert high on put Army Pak * 25th on Pakistan in due Schroeder * bombed frontlines Taliban's * Pakistan :in gives Osama if soon end to Attacks * stores food two seize Taliban * News The ........... Jerusalem in dead shot minister Israeli * Kashmir on talks Pak-India urges Powell * alert anthrax after closed Congress .S.U * Quetta hit rockets Two * bombing .S.U to halt for call agencies Aid * Nation The ............. UK :action Afghan for limit time No * interview Osama for questions sends CNN * PM Japanese Abdullah, with issues discusses Musharraf * Post Frontier The .................... infidel' big 'the defeat to vows Omar Mullah * Musharraf to delivered message Blair's * foreigner arrest Taliban * Musharraf with parleys hold envoys Shah's Zahir * Pakistan in not Mutawakkil * BBC :Afghanistan for launched radio .S.Pro-U * Observer Pakistan .................... bombing .S.U two-day in killed Afghans 47 * spokesman :Osama on policy Taliban in shift No * lifted Pakistan against curbs .S.U * Afghanistan in govt broad-based want China Russia, * forces coalition join to Australia * /MA/MMZ/AR End