Oct 17, 2001, 12:01 AM
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refugees Afghan for aid humanitarian sends UAE UAE of Council Administrative the of Head -- IRNA 17, Oct Dhabi, Abu that Wednesday on said al-Savidi Naser Mohammad Society Crescent Red to aid humanitarian of tons 150 send would Emirates Arab United the .refugees Afghan the for Iran fly to is consignments the carry to are which planes the of One Thursday rovince Khorasan Iran's of capital Mashhad, to Dhabi Abu from .refugees for materials of 35 taking ,(tomorrow) Arab United the by provided aid relief the of consignment first The contained consignment The .Monday on Mashhad in arrived (UAE) Emirates .foodstuff of tons 40 a of creation the of part is consignments these of dispatching The UAE, the and Iran between air by aid and relief sending for bridge has it service genuine the for Iran praising while said Al-Savidi .refugees Afghan the to provided eastern Taybad, to delegation a Monday on headed official UAE The assistance humanitarian of consignment 40-ton the over hand to Iran, were refugees Afghan the which in circumstances the visit to and .living Ani Younes Society Crescent Red Province Khorasan the of Chief in Iran by up set be to camps the on delegation UAE the Monday briefed six about said and border Iran-Afghan the near territory Afghan the kilometer 725 Khorasan the along camps for designed been have spots Iranian the prevent Taliban the said He .Afghanistan with borders .refugees for camps up set to authorities authorize to Taliban rulers Afghanistan the on called Al-Savidi Afghan the for camps up set to Cross Red International the and Iran international the with cooperate to have Taliban the said He .refugees .civilians Afghan the to aid humanitarian the over hand to community said (UNHCR) Refugees for Commissioner High Nations United The neighboring the in refuge seek would Afghan million 5.1 about 450,000 whom of Afghanistan on attacks .S.U the of fear for countries .Iran in shelter seek would HB/JB End