Oct 17, 2001, 12:01 AM
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medicines of lack to due dying are Afghans injured say Taliban said Wednesday Taliban ruling Afghanistan -- IRNA 17, Oct Islamabad, .medicines of lack the of because dying are Afghans injured "injured, the treat to Afghanistan in medicine no is There" an from agency news NNI told Zaeef Salam Abdul Mulla envoy Taliban .Herat and Helmand between destination unknown the to medicines rush to agencies aid NGOs the urged Zaeef .lives their save to civilians strikes-hit American discussed and officials Taliban met and Kandahar visited envoy The He .civilians of killings the of out arising situation the them with .days of couple a within Islamabad return to likely is out carried missiles and planes American that said envoy The He .Wednesday on Kandahar in areas civilian of bombing brutal are casualties the said but civilians, 20 of death the confirmed said He .children and women include died those said He .increasing .bombing the in injured were civilians others of scores the in shortage food facing also are people the that said Zaeef .Afghanistan of whole the in areas missiles-hit no is there as situation bad very in are people common The" .said he ,"population civilian of bombing the in respite eastern to visit their in journalists foreign that recalled He targeting are they that claims American the exposed have Jalalabad .bases military clear a also is Kabul in office ICRC the on bomb dropping said He and community world the asking brutality, American the of example .aggression American the of note take to groups rights human American that reports denied envoy the question a to Replying the when start will Jihad real The" .Afghanistan entered have troops .said Zaeef "homeland, our enter aggressors foreign Ahmed Wakil Minister Foreign that impression the dispelled also He that report a contradicted also He .Taliban deserted has Mutawakil .Islamabad in king Afghan former of representative a met has Mutawakil TK/MMZ/AH End