Oct 17, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Press Wednesday's in headlines making news Economic stories news economic major are Following -- IRNA 17, Oct Tehran, :Wednesday on dailies Iranian in highlighted were which :1-ABRAR Iran in due president +Venezuelan he that unexpectedly announced Chavez Hugo President Venezuelan visit to is Chavez .days few next the in Iran to visit a pay to is .price oil defend to bid a in countries other several to - - - - Iran with talks trade resume to Union +European implementation on Iran with talks resume to is Union European The with cooperation and agreements commercial reached already the of .Iran - - - - ties commercial expand to Kenya +Iran, said Ministry Jihad Agricultural at Department Relations Public fields the in Iran with cooperation of expansion all-out for is Kenya processing, food irrigation, storage, water technology, of and education know-how, technical of transfer machinery, agricultural .information and experience of exchange - - - - oil crude of worth billion 8.9 dlrs sells +Iran Company Oil Iranian National of Director Managing Deputy Acting billion 8.9 dlrs about earned Iran said Ghanimifard Hojattollah (NIOC) current the of months six first the in oil crude of export through .(21 March started) year Iranian - - - - :2-ENTEKHAB White at .S.U and Iran between cooperation economic of +Blueprint House Entekhab daily Farsi told Europe in sources diplomatic Reliable sanctions economic lifting of charge in committee special a that considered be can that Washington in plan a drafted has Iran against .S.U the and Iran between cooperation economic of blueprint a as - - - - :ROUZ 3-SIASAT-E following said Hojjati Mahmoud Minister Jihad +Agricultural 1.8 to decreased has output wheat Iran's country, the in drought .1999 in tons million 12 from year last tons million - - - - exported pistachio worth million 140 +Dlrs the of months five first the in value export pistachio Iran's growth percent 53 and 5.53 showing million, 140 dlrs at stood year .respectively value and weight of terms in - - - - :4-RESALAT among coordination for call Presidents Venezuelan and +Iranian producers oil Chavez Hugo President Venezuelan and Khatami Mohammad President and policies OPEC the on views exchanged conversation phone a in interests that hoped They .members the all among coordination stressed cooperation of light in met be would consumers and producers both of .members non-OPEC and OPEC the among - - - - :5-QODS rights sector's private upon trampled has economy +State-run Department Affairs Financial and Economic the of General Director and facilities banking credits, budget, general said Province Fars in principled of lack to due effective not are attraction capital foreign fully to inability to Ministry Finance and Economy the and policies the said Qashqaie Bohluli Sohrab Firouzabad from MP .them control .rights sector's private upon trampled has sector public - - - - :6-KAR-O-KARGAR unemployment with problems solve can industries Small :+Bokaie solve to way best the said Bokaie Hassan professor University in sectors economic various a investment is problem unemployment .interference state from free employment - - - - :7-ETTELA'AT decrease sector, production in investments of volume in +Increase rate inflation and debts foreign in told Nourbakhsh Mohsen (CBI) Iran of Bank Central of Governor showed year this sector production the in investment that reporters this percent 5.11 to downed rate inflation and growth percent 370 .year - - - - :8-KAYHAN market the in goods non-standard of groups 19 of +List released Tehran in office Research Industrial and Standard The said and market Tehran in goods non-standard of groups 19 of list continue they should that warned been have industry the of owners .prevented be would activity their goods the producing - - - - :ESLAMI 9-JOMHOURI than more of implementation the in involved been far so has +IRGC projects 1,300 (IRGC) Corps Guards Revolution Islamic the of commander Senior more put will or put far so has IRGC that said Raufinejad General .operation into projects 1,300 than - - - - :DAILY 10-IRAN WTO for unqualified industries percent +40 face not will industries cosmetic and detergent domestic The ,(WTO) Organization Trade World the joins country the when problems .Kamkar Mohammad-Mehdi expert economic an to according International 7th the of ceremony opening the Addressing Kamkar Industries, Cosmetic and Sanitary Detergent, of Conference due -- stable remain will industries domestic of percent 20 only said attains country the after -- technology state-of-the-art to access to .membership WTO - - - - :NEWS 11-IRAN industry textile international the on compete can Iran :+Shokouhi restructure and revitalize to passed bill Majlis newly-passed The on effects long-term positive have will industry textile national the Textile the of head the Shokouhi, Ali to according trade, the .Foundation Mostazafan and Janbazan the at Department and interview exclusive an in News Iran to spoke recently Shokouhi the in problems the all solve not will legislation ``The :added restructuring vital and fundamental for way the pave will but industry ''.trade antiquated this of - - - - Turkey unclear pipeline gas Iranian-Turkish of date +Inauguration a out worked yet not had Iran neighbor eastern its that yesterday said the and pipeline gas natural long-delayed a in snag technical .unclear remained conduit the of date inauguration - - - - :TIMES TEHRAN 12- IRISL to statement +WNO Navigation World the of general secretary the O'Neill, William Islamic the of representatives with met recently ,(WNO) Organization spoke He .organization (IRISL) Lines Shipping Iran of Republic the protecting and safety maintaining for need the of primarily .oceans the of environment - - - - Mashhad in opens fair goods standardized +Iran's of role the featuring Fair, Goods Standardized Third Iran's was scales and weights calibration, of fields the in standardizing of city holy the of around fairs international the in Sunday on held .Mashhad BG/AH End